Mooli Saag Chana Dal Bhaji | Mooli Ka Saag | Radish Recipes

Mooli Saag Chana Dal, mooli bhaji chana dal sabzi, Mullangi Keerai Kootu is winter special recipe while we get fresh, tender radish (mooli) with their leaves. This time had very good radish to taste very tender and sweet nothing like what we get in Singapore, really very delicious radish which also served as snack in Delhi streets with some chat masala. Anyways back to the this recipe it's Chhattisgarhi special recipe to use the radish leaves and made this excellent side dish which goes well with rice, dal or roti, paratha.

Ragi Idli Dosa Recipe | Ragi Idli Batter in Mixie | Finger Millet Idli Dosa

Ragi Idli Dosa, whole ragi idli, dosa, finger millet idli dosa is healthy,  vegan, diabetic friendly breakfast recipe and it's also good for weight watchers. One of the most popular and easy available millets has be ragi also known as finger millet, Nachani in hindi, Ragula in telugu, Ragi in tamil, telugu, kannada, Panji Pullu in malayalam, Nagli in marathi & gujarati, Mandhuka in punjabi, Marwa in bengali and Mandia in oriya. Like all the millets ragi also has multiple benefits like it's high in calcium, protein also have good amount of iron and other minerals. 

Palak Pyaaz Pakoda | Spinach Onion Fritters Recipe | Palak Pakoras

Palak Pyaaz Pakode, palak ke pakode or spinach onion fritters are easy pakora recipe with fresh spinach (palak) and adding little onion for crunch. Another winter specialty is having fresh, green vegetables with ample of beautiful looking spinach. In North India now spinach is everywhere, fresh and cute and during our trip we were making every second day palak dal, palak pakoda and finally towards the end of our vacation I manage to click the palak pyaaz pakode pictures.

Dimer Dalna (Jhol) | Bengali Style Egg Potato Curry | Egg Recipes

Dimer Dalna, dimer jhol, aloo dimer dalna or Bengali style anda aloo curry or egg potato curry is one of the favorite potato egg curry with addition of freshly made panch phoran this egg curry is delicious and makes excellent meal with rice or paratha. This recipe can be made very quickly and if we have boiled eggs and potato in hand, i you like egg and spicy food then you will love this recipe.

Matar Paneer Recipe | Matter Paneer - How to Make Mutter Paneer

Matar Paneer Masala, Mattar Paneer or also known as Mutter Paneer is popular Punjabi side dish with roti, paratha, pulao and one of the best winter recipe as we have fresh, sweet peas (matar) in season plus fresh stocks of paneer. Most of the people like matar paneer so it's very common dish in party or mostly in buffet :) I wanted to post mutter paneer recipe which I make it with both fresh paneer and peas (matar) which is rare being in Singapore but finally it happening now as during last India trip enjoyed winter and winter products to fullest.

Varagu Pulao | Varagu Pulao Recipe | Kodo Millet Pulao | Millets Recipes

Varagu Pulao, Kodra pulao, kodo millet pualo is easy, flavorful pulao or rice variety and it makes great lunch, dinner or lunch box recipe. Varagu pulao is like all millets healthy, gluten-free, vegan making it excellent choice for weight watchers, diabetics people as we could not miss regular rice at all in this recipe. Kodo millet also known as varagu in tamil, kodra in hindi/marathi/punjabi/gujarati, arikelu in telugu, harka in kannda, koovaragu in malayalam, kodo in bengali and kodua in oriya.

Boondi Raita | Boondi Ka Raita Recipe

Boondi Raita or Boondi Ka Raita is easy raita recipe made with crunchy boondi and spices. Boondi ka raita makes great side dish with Stuffed paratha or variety rice, pulao well. There are few ways of making this boondi raita too and this is the most simple way with minimal ingredients which not only makes great side dish but also quick snack to munch on specially on summer days. Paired specially with pulao or biryani boondi raita makes excellent combination.

Amritsari Chole | Amritsari Chole Masala Recipe

Amritsari Chole or street style Amritsari chole masala is popular chole or chana masala recipe that normally is served with kulcha or bhatura, naan,  paratha or variety rice, pulao as well. There are few ways of making amritsari chole and this is street style or dhaba style amriti chole the only difference is I didn't added tea bag to bring the dark brown color like we get in dhaba or in restaurants as I am not a big fan of adding tea bag to chole.

Rasgulla | Bengali Spongy Rasgulla (Roshogolla) Recipe

Rasgulla, or Roshogolla, Rosogolla as called by Bengali is wonderful bengali sweet recipe and which has to be the most famous bengali sweet, in fact popular Indian sweet too. Soft, spongy, melt in mouth rasullas are treat to eat and we can say it's healthy compare to lot of other Indian sweets as it's not deep fried and we can reduce sugar syrup a lot while eating. Rasgulla is wonderful sweet for any occasion, celebration of festivals. .

Anar Ka Raita | Pomegranate Raita | Easy Raita Recipes

Anar Raita or Pomegranate Raita is easy raita recipe made with colorful pomegranate and spices. Anar ka raita makes great side dish with paratha or variety rice, pulao well. There are few ways of making this anar or pomegranate raita too and this is the most simple way with minimal ingredients which not only makes great side dish but also quick snack to munch on specially on summer days or if you are on diet then use low-fat yogurt and enjoy this delicious raita as snack.

Sukhi Arbi Fry | Seppankizhangu Varuval Recipe | Arbi Recipes

Sukhi Arbi, arbi fry, seppankizhangu varaval, seppankizhangu roast is easy, delicious side dish which can be also served as snack or starter. Sukhi arbi makes excellet side dish with paratha, rice dal/sambar or rasam. Crispy, spicy sukhi arbi fry is delicious to eat we just need to make sure to fry the arbi well to avoid any itchiness that arbi (colocasia), yam usually has but if we fry it well then we can avoid that also we can apply little oil on hands while handling arbi or yam to avoid itchiness too.