Besan Puri & Mint Chutney

Besan Puri & Mint Chutney

The other day I was alone at home enjoying myself, sofa and tv when the clock tick 7.30pm! Oh dear time to make dinner as everyone will be coming back from their ventures to disturb me, my sofa and tv mood :) I was really not in a mood to cook anything but something simple, easy and FAST! After lot of thinking I decided to make Besan Puri, my mom use to make these for our lunch box during school days. Most of my classmates use to bring besan pori as lunch box too and we use to have fun sharing, eating! Ahh good old school days.
Whenever I use to visit my friends place they will make this for me and I use eat lovely, hot besan puri happily. I started my own version of besan puri very long back but that was not really my mom’s type. I use to make besan puri for my other sis, whom always asked me to cook whenever she wanted to eat besan puri or besan gatta and now she is pro in both the dishes and makes better than me!!
Some time back when I went to Chennai I stayed at my sis place for 1week and daily she use to make different dishes or whatever I wish for ..hehe. One day she made besan pori and taught me the proper way of making it.(that’s why I said I have this sisterly feeling towards Vani cause she is just like my sisters …always pampering ) And ya my Jiju will also prepare dishes for me :).

Beasan/ Gramdal flour – ½ cup
Saunf – 1/2tps (a must for this dish)
Redchill powder – 1tps
Salt to taste
Oil - 4-5 tbs to mix filling
Oil – for making parathas
Flour – 1cup
1. Mix besa, saunf, chilli powder, salt and oil together well. Rub the besan mix between palms to make it fine powder.

2. Use 2-3tbs of water only if required, I didn’t use any water for the filling mix.
3. Make dough from flour and water as for any paratha we make.
4. Make small balls of dough, make a cup shape from the balls and fill 1tbs of besan mix in that, seal it and roll them into thin roti.

5. Heat a tawa or griller and cook the roti both side until golden brown apply oil/ghee.

6. Hot, Spicy besan puri is ready to eat.
7. Server with curd, pickle, any vegetable, curry, chutney or with tea.
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