Masala Nuts & Pineapple Juice

Masala Nuts & Pineapple Juice

Last weekend was good or that what I can say. I went for shopping on Friday, Saturday grocery shopping and Sunday at home. And now back to square one ie come to office, why weekend has to disappear so fast?? Well for the Monday to come I guess..

Anyways today I’m posting very simple recipe of masala nuts which I made as evening snack.


Cashew nuts – 1/4cup
Almonds – 4 tbs
Salt – ½ tps
Black Salt – ½ tps
Red chill powder – ½ tps
Cumin powder – ½ tps
Oil/butter – 1tps


1. In a pan dry roast cashew nuts and almonds separately and keep aside (any other nuts can be added too)

2. In the same pan add the oil to heat. Now add the nuts and fry them with all the other ingredients for 5-7mins or until nicely roasted.

3. Let the masala nuts come to room temperature before severing for better results.

4. Masala nuts with Apple Alovera juice are nice combo to try.

When we went for grocery shopping I brought pineapple as it was long time we ate this fruit. BIL prepared Pineapple juice for Kedar, he used honey instead of sugar & here the recipe goes


Fresh pineapple chunks - 7-8 large
Honey - 4-5 tbs
Ice cubes - as desire

Blend all the items in a blender or mixi for 2-3mins. Super cool pineapple is ready.