Wholegrain Pancakes

Wholegrain Pancakes

was thinking of making banana bread/cake and was fully prepared for it then suddenly Anitha's pancake crossed my mind. I have bookmarked this recipe for very long time and wanted to give a try. So at last manage to prepare Anitha's Express Wholegrain Pancakes. This is simple and easy to make, as the title says..express and indeed it's express.

I was thinking if Kedar will eat this pancake but to my surprise he liked it very much :) and am so happy about it. I have followed almost everything as per her blog only with minor changes. So here is the recipe of my version:

Ingredients: (To make 8 medium size pancakes, good for 4 people)

Cornmeal - 1/2 C (I used small cup/katori)
Wholegrain flour/atta - 1 1/2 C
All purpose flour - 1/2 C
Redchilli powder - 1tps
Cinnamon powder - 1tps
Baking soda - 1/2tps
Baking powder - 1 tps
Salt - 1tps
Sugar - 4 Tbs
Buttermilk - 4-5C
Milk - 1C
Banana ripe - 2 (mashed)
Cheese - 1/2 C (shredded)
Oil - 2-3 Tbs
Raisins and almonds - few


1. In a bowl mix buttermilk, milk, 1Tbs of oil.
2. In another bowl mix all the dry ingredients.
3. Add the buttermilk mix into dry ingredients along with mashed banana and cheese.
4. Mix everything together well.
5. In a hot tawa/pan/griller pour 1C of the batter, garnish with few raisins and almonds.
6. Apply 1tbs of oil in the corner of pancake and cook both side until done or golden brown.

Server with maple slurp or honey. It taste very good with maple slurp than honey.