50th Post with Aloo Tari - Revisited

50th Post with Aloo Tari - Revisited

his is my 50th post...I have completed half-century! Man it feels gud, it took me almost 5 months to reach here ;). I never thought I will come this far with blogging but to my amusement I have made it.
Thanks a ton to all the regular visitors of my blog whom always showered me with their sweet & encouraging comments, and Big Thanks to the people whom visits my blog.

Along this 5 months I have made so many friends that I never thought I'll be able to make. Few of them has become real close one and I'm so happy for that fact. (It looks like some award thanks giving speach ;) )

So how to celebrate the 50th post? Well, I thought to revise one of my own entry for that :-). So here is the Aloo Tari with carrot and peas.

Remember my Aloo Tari post? No? Never mind here is the link, check that out ;) So I made the Aloo Tari again but this time added carrot and peas too and it was just yummy. Followed the same procedure as written in the previous post just added 1/2 cup chopped carrot and 1/4 cup frozen peas after step 3 and the result was delicious.

And serve it with parata

50th post celebration and no sweet? Na, I do have one sweet dish to share with. This is call Methi Roti.

Make regular flour dough and roll them. Now add 1 tbl of jaggery pieces close the edges and roll them again. Be careful while rolling this time if not it will start breaking. Cook it both the sides on a hot tawa and apply oil/ghee. After the roti gets cooked it will become stick due to jaggery. Do not eat is very hot or the you will end up burning your tongue. Let it cool down a bit and then enjoy this simple but yummy methi roti.