Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

Wish you all Happy & Prosperous Diwali. Here in Singapore and most part of Southern India has celebrated Diwali yesterday but in North India Diwali is celebrated today as the main Lakshmi Puja. Check here for more Diwali informations. This year has been really special and wonderful we have celebrated Diwali on both the days with much enjoy, fun, glitters & ofcourse yummy food.

Let's start our party with Ganesh naman

Let's welcome the new year with simple Rangoli, made by my Sis

On the entrance she has also done some rangoli using flowers petals ....

Diwali light up....

Kedar busy placing the Diyas

Isn't it very cute pic ;) [candid moment :) ]

We have decorated some of the diyas ourself, just get some plain diyas use colours, some gliter glue, brush and make decorative and beautiful diyas with any design. All this are done by Kedar.

And the colourful diyas are ready

Let's pray to God and get the blessing for the new year.

Ofcourse Sweet is there in the list, Gulab Jamun made by my BIL for diwali and it's delicious I can't describe, here the bowl for all of you :) Here gulab jamun recipe

Wish you all Happy Diwali again, and thank U all for your wishes.

And post is for the FestiveFood: Diwali event hosted by me. Rush in your entries by 6th Nov 08.