Diwali Roundup Part 1

Diwali Roundup Part 1

Hello friends, hope everyone is doing fine. Thanks a lot for all your concern of my disappearing :-)...nothing much I'm just plain busy and held up with work, unable to do any blogging. Also doing the so late roundup of Festive Food: Diwali Event.

There are so many entries that I lost the count ;)....so not holding you guys any further (since I know most of you are waiting for the roundup) let's check out the 1st part of Diwali roundup of Diyas/Lamps, Rangoli and other decorations.

I have try to included all the entries, if I have missed out any kindly do let me know.

Let's start the roundup with Ganesh. This is done in our house on Dhanteras day.

And pray to God to get the blessings.

Arundhuti brought these diyas from Diwali market in Kolkata...such lovely and cute diyas...wonderful choice what say?

Checkout the simple and elegant Flower Rangoli made by Purva for Diwali.

Check out the lovely and wonderful diyas Shreya has purchased from Little India (Singapore), also check the cute design mehndi she has applied on her daughter and niece hands :-)

Aren't these are cute diyas & Mehndi ?

Check our bong gal Sudeshna post to know how she has painted lovely diyas, and the rangoli.

Here is the beautiful display of Diyas/Lamp from Uma, check her blog for the Sweet Pongal recipe.

Here is the way Sukanya has celebrated Diwali this year..these wonderful rongali, decoration. Visit her post for the nice bhajan link and other details.

Colourful Rangoli:

Here is wonderful display of serial lights and Lanterns.

And comes my entry for the event, diyas painted by ourself.

Colour and flower rangoli done by my sister.

Thank You all for the wonderful entires...stay tune for the next part of roundup.