Rewinding 2008..

Rewinding 2008..

ey all, hope everyone is doing fine and had a gud start of the year. Me and hubby dear (now I need to get use to this term, I feel very awkward when I say my husband or hubby..:-) ).

Ya so, hubby & me spent the new year at quietly at home watching movie and with simple dinner. Looking back to 2008, it was quite a eventful year for me with so many things happening around. From start of 2008, i was fighting with tonsil with paying visit to specialist every week for 4-5 months, it was such a terrible period.

Then I started blogging and enter into this new world ...thanks to blog I have so many lovely friends now from all over the world and everyone shows so much love and concern it never feels that we all haven't each other.

Then came the 1st bloggers meet for me...it was kinda very cool..I got to know few very gud people and with most of them in frequent touch now. And comes Festive Food Event with Purva, we were just chatting and this idea of festive food popped up & we continue with it. Till date I haven't felt that Purva and me never met, It's like I know her for all my life.

Meanwhile I have changed my job and it's a full change of events for me. From managing 1 team, it has been 4 teams now....from sitting in the office, it has become moving around to different client's place. My work has taken new U turn and after initial hiccups....am getting use to this.

Inbtw all this work tension, problems, issues, escalation I met Shreya from Mom's Cooking and not even for the second we both taught we were meeting first time, it was like you are meeting your old friend after a long gap...it was wonderful....just such a pity that we couldn't meet in Mumbai again !

Speaking of meeting old friend...last year I met my best frd Raji, while she visited me in SG on her way back to Australia. It was so gud to see her after 2 1/2 years, miss you babe.

Towards the end of the year...phew...am getting married! It was all so fast...just happening things around me. And the best thing was ...after almost 10 years I spent my birthday with my entire family including the extended in-law's one too. Here sharing the birthday pics with you all..

Oh you guys wondering why there is two cake? Well, the baker did the mistake ..he gave the cake ordered for my birthday to some other Priti !! So my nephew and hubby got 2 cakes ;)
There were so many people in my birthday wow....what more I can ask for?

After our trip to Bali ...here am back to routine life...the one things missing was blogging and thanks to all of you asking me to blog again....This blog as become essential part of life and there are so many gud frds...sorry I can't name you all but that doesn't mean you are less important.

Did I mention Aru? Aru..from Gourmet Affair she is now close friend too.....she has asked me to start blogging or to start a event ..and thus this Sankranti event is coming up. I told Aru its not possible for me to do the prep-work for the event and she happy created the logo and the writeup for the event too..so sweet of her rite? Thanks Aru :)...okie so after this long story lets get to business and here comes Festive Food: Makar Sankranti.

I realize this has become a long post..so wait for my next one with the Makar Sankranti Event details.