Leftover Magic

Leftover Magic

ello Dear All,

How you guys doing? Ya, it's same reason again this time of my disappearance: Busy with Work, along with my laziness! Well, whatever it is am here back again and this time with something which is interesting...using leftover food to make new dishes and try not to let the food rot in dustbin. Here is few of my tricks and tips which any of you might find it useful.

So lets start the magic....

Do you guys remember my beet and cabbage series , one of item was Beets and Cabbage Soup. So what to do with leftover Soup ?? Here is the tip, pour the soup in ice trays and freeze it for further use. Whenever required, heat the soup cubes and enjoy once again.

OR heat the soup cubes, mix in wheat flour and make parata/roti .....I did both of these and it taste just as good as it tasted first time.

I know this is rare but if we have some leftover Palak Paneer (more of palak gravy), then the options are add some more paneer and reheat and use it back as palak paneer OR reheat and use it as just palak saag with roti or rice OR do as I did, knead leftover palak gravy with flour and make palak parata or puri .....

And what to do with leftover Rice....one thing I always make with left over rice is Chawal ki Roti and some time Chawal ka Gatta too.

If you are in mood of making Chana Masala or Chole , boiled chickpea and having excess boiled water,. then:

1. I always use the bolied water in chana masala
2. If not again store the boiled water in ice tray and freeze it for future use like using back in any curry OR use it as vegetable stock OR heat the cubes and use while kneading flour instead of using water.

So that's all for now until I come up with some more recyle ideas :)....