100th Post with Recipes Re-visit

100th Post with Recipes Re-visit

It's my 100th post, and let me thanks again all my blog followers, readers, visitor and everyone of you cause of whom this blog is still up and running. Not to mention all the wonderful blogs around gives lots of inspiration too, do continue to visit this place and encourage me :)

I thought a lot what to post to make it special...I was still in fix then suddenly I remember my 50th Post...ahh that's perfect what else can be better than re-visiting our own recipes..isn't it?

So I thought of posting these 2 recipes which are in my collection for long :-)..First up is Dum Aloo, this recipe I adapted from my pressure cooker booklet and this one is super hit.  My BIL said...Dum Aloo mei Dum hai ..:)  So I do tell you all to try out this delicious and wonderful recipe.  Below is the picture when I made this first time.

Next up is Channa Jor Garam, after the 1st try now I always end up making the same instead of channa sabji as my DH like only the snack version now! Add your own spices and spice up evening with simple and healthy Channa Jor Garam

Thanks You All once again.