Almond Pistachio Milk Recipes | Navratri Fasting Vrat Recipes

Almond Pistachio Milk Recipes | Navratri Fasting Vrat Recipes

Almond Pistachio Milk Recipe
Tried this simple Almond milk with the leftover almond pistachio paste I had from Stuffed Almond Dates, and the milk tasted just good with crunch of pista, almonds bites. Do try this simple and delicious and healthy drink for any time of the day.

This almond pista milk is healthy and also tasty, perfect for kids and adults and also works great as quick breakfast.  You can make the almond pista mixture and keep for almost 2 weeks in fridge and use as required. Do try this drink and enjoy it.

Ingredients :

Almonds : 10 
Pistachio - 6-7 chopped
Milk - 400ml
Honey/Sugar - 1tbsp [optional]
Cardamom Powder - 1/4 tsp
Water -


1. Soak almonds overnight in water or for 30mins in hot water, wash and remove the skin.

2. Make a paste of almonds, half of chopped pista with little water in mixi or blender.

3. In a pan heat little milk (3-4 tbsp) and add the paste, mix well and cook until the mixture becomes dry. Keep stirring to avoid burns.

4. In another pot or pan boil remaining milk, add 2 tbsp of the above mixture. If required add sugar or honey and cardamom powder.

Garnish with chopped pistachio and almonds and enjoy your drink.

You can also prepare the paste and refrigerate in air tight container, and use whenever required. it stays more than 2 weeks.

Almond Pistachio Milk-navratri-recipe

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