Birthday Celebration...

Birthday Celebration...

esterday was DH birthday, celebrating 1st time after our wedding so got to be special rite? I arrange for small get together and and surprised him. After lot of thinking I settle for the below menu. I manage to take few pics here n there in hurry...so don't pay much attention to them;)

Before moving on, let me remind you guys today is last day to send in entries for Festive Food: Raksha Bandhan Event. Thanks to All for your entries.


Aloo Bujiya
Sev Bujiya
Chickpeas Salad
Almond Stuffed Dates
Cold Drinks

Main Menu

Chickpeas Salad
Stuffed Capsicum
Dum Aloo
Paneer Jalfrezi
Boondi Raita
Jeera Rice
White Rice


Fruit Salad with Ice cream

Sound interesting rite? So let's start with the recipes

Starter [Strikeout are store ones:)]

Aloo Bujiya

Sev Bujiya
Chiwda, I have blogged this one before click here, I have used brown beaten rice this time.

Chickpeas Salad


Chickpeas - 1/2 cup [soaked overnight and boiled]
Kidney Beans/Rajma - 2tbsp
Boiled Potato - 2tbsp [chopped]
Vegetables - 1/2 cup [finely chopped carrot, cucumber, onion, tomato etc]
Pomegranate - 3tbsp [optional]
Chopped nuts - 2tbsp [almond, walnut - optional]
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Pepper - 1/2 tsp
Lemon Juice - 1tbsp
Olive Oil - 1tbsp


1. Heat oil and chickpeas and chopped potato saute for 3-4mins, place in a large bowl.

2. Mix all the ingredients with saute chickpeas and potato.

Enjoy the filling salad.

Almond Stuffed Dates
- For this I followed Yasmeen recipe, I was too good. Thanks Yasmeen for the easy and healthy recipe.

Tea - Perhaps some day I'll post :)
Cold Drinks

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Rest will come in next post...