Chayote ~ Chow Chow Chutney

Chayote ~ Chow Chow Chutney

I had a large chayote with me almost ready to declare dead, so it was time for me to save the life.  Half of the chayote/chow chow I used in daal which was already a little of too much for two people.  So after thinking a while what to do with the other half I decided to make chutney,  I add this and that and got a yummy end product.

Before moving over to recipe let's have a look at the facts about Chayote (source: wiki)

The chayote (Sechium edule), also known as chuchu, sayote, tayota, choko, chocho, chow-chow, christophene, mirliton, vegetable pear, and pear squash is an edible plant that belongs to the gourd family Cucurbitaceae along with melons, cucumbers and squash.

The chayote fruit is used in both raw and cooked forms. When cooked, chayote is usually handled like summer squash, it is generally lightly cooked to retain the crisp flavor. Raw chayote may be added to salads or salsas, and it is often marinated with lemon or lime juice. It can also be eaten straight, although the bland flavor makes this a dubious endeavor. Whether raw or cooked, chayote is a good source of amino acidsvitamin C. [to read more click here]

Interesting rite? I'm thinking about making salad or salas ..ummm how that will be!  Anyways so let's have a look at the recipe now.


Chayote/Chowchow - 1/2 fruit or 1C chopped

Green Chili - 4 small [to taste]

Cumin Seeds - 1tsp

Urad Daal - 1tsp

Tamarind - a small piece [ replace with lemon juice if preferred]

Coriander Leaves - 2-3tbs [chopped]

Oil - 1tbs

Salt - to taste

Water - to grind


1. Wash, peel and chop chayote in medium size chunks

2. In a pan heat oil, add cumin seeds and allow to crack. Add urad daal and fry until turn golden.

3. Add green chili, chayote and saute in medium heat for 5mins or until cooked.

4. Place chayote pieces in a mixi jar or blender once cooled and grind along tamarind, coriander leaves, salt and little water to smooth paste.

Our chutney or dip is ready.  I didn't had much of coriander leaves otherwise the colour would have been green.  Also one can replace the green chili with dry red chili.  Add curry leaves, mustard seasoning, I prefer mine just like this.

Enjoy your day.