Festive Food ~ His Cooking Event Roundup Part I

Festive Food ~ His Cooking Event Roundup Part I

So here comes the much awaited roundup, much awaited cause I post the event and start getting message like all waiting for the roundup ;).  Well I did a little survey in FB before announcing the event and it was much encouraging....

But after the event announcement there's was little to no entry and it made me think perhaps this is not what it suppose to be, but I kept my patience with my blog friends holding hands and the entry start coming from last week of May.  I guess it's the thing with most of us wait for the last day of event ;)...

Anyways I received entries but the best part of all the ladies appreciation, thanks for all your mails n messages it really means a lot.  I'm glad that it did bring one or another little joy to everyone.  And some of post read up were so funny you have to check out all the post. 

All of you please convey my THANKS to your husband, Sons, Daughter and a BIG Sorry too.  Sorry is for all the trouble they have to go through cause of this event as many of us bugged our husband to cook! They must be really pissed with me ...thinking why the heck there has to be event like this ;) so do convey the message ladies.

Ahh I know you all want to see the roundup so here presenting work of art ~ By Men for Women ..LOL

The first entry came from dear Aparna or as we call her Aps from Aps Kitchen, her blog is no new to HIS cooking as she has posted  many of her hubby recipes, and this time she sent us a storm of entries

Batate Bhaji & Chapathi a simple yet delicious potato sabji with chapathi

Lovely Corns

And Mushroom Peas Pulav

Next comes Srihari of Binge on Veg entry of Superman's Chole Masala.  Interesting name rite :)...the recipe is interesting and the post..and so sweet of Hari to type the recipe too...now that's what we call love isn't it? And look at the cute picture

I hardly expected pickle to make the way through our event but it did through Dershana's of The Footloose Chef  Instant mango pickle which made by her husband, now that interesting. 

Here comes another 2 entries from Aps of Aps Kitchen, since her hubby cooks once a week ..lucky gal :)

Prawn Corn Pulav

And Corn Pulav

Sowmya of Creative Saga enjoyed Puri urulaikazhanga/potato curry with puri  made by her hubby which she says is one of the best. 

Siri of Siri's Corner had her hubby's famous Peppers with Besan Stuffing on a lazy weekend...ahh isn't this is what we all want? :-)

Quick snack Rolls
is a surprise recipe for Richa of RICHAS KITCHEN since this is her hubby venture. ..how cute :).  This looks way delicious.

Next up is Shifa from sugnspice entry Poha and Kheer and guess what her hubby never cook before.  Shifa suggested some inspiration from my blog, he selected Poha and did this wonderful dish..isn't that sweet?

And how about some Masala Tea? Shifa says her hubby makes best masala tea and thus the tea making it way to our event :)

Next up is Jaya Wagle from Desi Soccer Mom's Fenugreek Spinach Risotto. Well there's nothing for me write here but you have to read her post to know how good she writes..

Here comes a experimental Stuffed Rolling Dosa from Jay's Tasty Appetite and Jay says dosa is their family favorite & this is new version of dosa for me :)

Semiya/Vermicelli Upma Anyone? Raks from Raks Kitchen manage to get her hubby made something for the event and this yummy upma is the result along with semiya kesari. Isn't that sweet? Getting more than expected :)


Sonia from Seven Spice had a wonderful meal of Vegetables with Tofu & Spinach made by her hubby.  This recipe is from Curry Bible by Mridula Bajlikar a book he borrowed from his boss. Well I think we all must direct our husband to her post now to get from ideas ;) 

And here comes Indian Khana entry i.e. mine ;)  He must have been in real good mood to prepare Poha and Tea for breakfast and then to wake me up ..what you guys say? :)

Thank U all for your entries again, will for the part II :)

Have a nice week end ....