I'm back ...along a tag :)

I'm back ...along a tag :)

Yes people I'm back ...I know I did disappearing act but that's part of me, though this time it was much longer than expected.  I have multiple reason to be away from blogging, I wanted to start blogging again and as usual of me to keep dragging it ..inbtw my blog had some technical problem due to which I had to close it for public and after much delay I (with DH help) rectified all or say most of the technical issues. 

Thanks for your messages/email etc, it feels great to know the work is appreciated. 

Is not that am not cooking but I feel am not cooking anything interesting enough to blog, and when I do cook something am too lazy to take pictures ...yah that's me! But for past few days I despeartly wanted to post since this year is ending but confuse with what to post....while suddenly I saw Indrani's post and realize that she has tagged me ..well it came as a sweet surprised considering the fact that I'm away from blog world for quite some time now and people still remember :D

Let's do the tag now ..Here are the questions and answers :

1.When you were a kid , what was your answer to the question: ” what do you do when you will grow up?”
Seriously I don't remember.

2. What were your favorite comics and cartoons?
Always Tom & Jerry.

3.What were your favorite games?
I used to play chess a lot in school days ..won few competition too ;)

4.What was your best birthday and why?
Well there are few but so far I really love my birthday just before my wedding 2 years back celebrated along with all my family members, in-laws and relatives, there were more than 50 people around ...total fun.

5.What is it that you would absolutely want to do that you have not already done?

Well there are lot of things I would love to do..I want to learn to play some instrument.

6.What was your first favorite sport?
Not a sports person :)

7.What was your first music idol?
I never keep any favorite, so none here too though I like lot of composers, singers.

8.What is the most beautiful Christmas present (or equivalent) you received?
3 years back our client manager has present me beatiful pair of crystal stud earnings from M&S...she knew I love earrings...:D

Stay tune...will post a recipe soon....