Sabudana Kheer | Tapioca ~ Sago Pudding

Sabudana Kheer | Tapioca ~ Sago Pudding


India WON the match ...Yahh of course we all know this but hurray how exciting is this, still can't believe it.  Once again it was awesome game along with facebook friends whom makes the game more exciting.  So as we decide to post something on Saturday for which I did Palak Dhokla, here again we decided a post to celebrate the victory and sweet comes first in mind once we think about celebration isn't it? 
So here comes Sabudana Kheer though I had something else in mind but then due to time constraint and other factors I settle myself with this and this post is also for CHAK DE INDIA !!


Sabudana/Sago/Tapioca - 1/4 Cup [it becomes 1/2 cup after soaking]
Milk - 3 Cups
Sugar - 3 tbsp or to taste
Cardamom Powder - 1/4 tsp
Saffron - few strands [optional]
Dry Fruits - 2 tbsp chopped [ I used pistachios, cashews, chironji/charoli]

1. Wash and soak sabudana in 1 cup water for 3-4 hours, soaking over night is best.

2. Boil milk in heavy bottom pan/vessel it takes around 8-10 minutes in medium flame, keep stirring milk in intervals to avoid milk from getting burn.

3. Discard excess water from sabudana/sago and add to milk and cook for 5 minutes or until sago gets cooked fully.  Once cooked sago will become transparent and we can easily press it between fingers.

4. Add sugar, cardamom powder and 1 tbsp of dry fruits, saffron & stir.  Simmer for 2 more minutes and off the flame.  

Garnish with remaining 1 tbsp of dry fruits, serve warm or cold it taste yum both ways. 
See how nicely the sago got cooked looks beautiful isn't it?

Have a good day ~~