Apple Banana Dates and Almond Milkshake

Apple Banana Dates and Almond Milkshake

I had apple to use before it's give up hope and one and then the idea stuck me to make milkshake along with almonds, dates and I made my plan to try it next day. But by then I had fresh batch of banana and thought of adding it along.  This shake is very good as it has high nutrition value of dates and almond and goodness of apple, banana.   We really don't have to add any sweetener as dates does the job perfectly but then if you have sweet tooth add little sugar or honey whatever you prefer.

Apple and banana along with dates taste delicious and almonds adds a wonderful crunch.  I simply loved this shake and now it has become a regular drink for me.  It's very filling making it perfect as breakfast or evening drink.  Enjoy this guilt free drink and relish the goodness. 

Serves - 2

Apple - 1
Banana - 1
Dates - 6
Almonds - 6
Milk - 2 Cups 
Pista - 2 for garnishing [optional]
Sugar/Honey - To taste [ I didn't use]
Ice Cubes - If required


1. Let's gather all the ingredients, our friends for the day.
~ Yes, I did missed the milk here :)

2. Peel, chop apple and banana.  Chop almonds, dates and add in a blender or mixer. 

3. Blend for a minute and then add milk.

4. Blend for a minute again.  If required add sugar or honey.

Serve chill or with ice and garnish with chopped pista.   Glad to send this to Lubna's Joy from fasting to feasting IV.

Have a nice day ~~