Murukku Sandwich & Sandwich Chutney Recipes

Murukku Sandwich & Sandwich Chutney Recipes


Yes, that’s right it’s indeed Muruku Sandwich.   Are you thinking what’s on earth is that, well it’s nothing but vegetable layer between two mini muruku pieces to make sandwich.  It apparently famous in Chennai, I gain knowledge about these sandwiches from my sister.  I liked the idea so thought of sharing with you all, hope you like it too. 

Muruku Sandwich Recipe

We all know about green chutney and most of us use same for sandwich too but then my dear sister told me about this sandwich chutney which made in a little different way than green chutney.  This recipe is from street vendors whom sell bread sandwich on road side.  In this chutney one ingredient used is cucumber peel, after peeling all the cucumber for sandwiches they use peel/skin to make chutney, interesting right?  I asked my sister 10 times is she sure this the way it’s done and she assured me this is the recipe indeed.  

Sandwich Chutney

Sandwich Chutney Recipe


Cilantro – 12 sprigs

Mint Leaves – 2 springs

Cucumber Skin/Peel –1/2 cup or of 1 cucumber

Roasted Gram Dal/Dalia – 1/2 tbsp

Garlic Pod – 1

Green Chillies – 2

Lemon Juice – 1/2 tbsp

Rock Salt/Kala Namak – 1/4 tsp  [Or chat masala]

Salt – To Taste


1.  Grab all the ingredients, make sure to wash well cucumber before you peel it.  [ I missed out lemon here]

Sandwich Chutney Ingredients

2.  Grind all the ingredients in a mixer or blender and add 1 tbsp of water only if required.  

Sandwich Chutney Recipe

Adjust salt n chilli if required and our sandwich chutney is ready. You will get light green colour chutney, I used little extra of mint and got the dark colour! Consume this chutney same day and do not try to store.

Sandwich Chutney Green Chutney

Let’s move on and make the sandwich now.


For Murukku Sandwich

There is no measurement here as we have to use the ingredients to our taste and requirement.

Mini Murukku – 12 pieces or as required

Tomato Pieces – Few

Cucumber Pieces – Few

Onion Pieces – Few

Boiled Potato Pieces – Few [optional]

Sandwich Chutney or Green Chutney – To spread

Cheese – For Topping

Thin Sev – For garnishing [optional]

Cheese Muruku Sandwich Recipe


Normally these sandwiches are made from mini murukku smaller than what you see in the picture since I don’t have those super mini one’s I am using these.

Muruku Recipe

~ Cut all the vegetables in tiny pieces, use boiled potato if you wish.  You can also use any other vegetable of your choice. 

To arrange the sandwich apply chutney on muruku pieces, keep one cucumber piece, onion pieces followed by tomato and cover it up with another muruku piece. 

Muruku Sandwich Recipe1

Our muruku sandwich is ready, how simple is that?  In shop it comes as pair of 9 sandwich here I made of 6, you can make as many as you like.

Muruku Sandwich Recipes

Sprinkle cheese to make it Cheese Muruku Sandwich, in shops it serves with lot of cheese topping.  No wonder kids loves this!

Cheese Muruku Sandwich Recipes

Or instead of cheese you can sprinkle little of thin sev, you can make it as open sandwich too for that don’t cover the sandwich top with muruku piece. 

Chat Muruku Sandwich Recipes

Use toothpick to make these yummy sandwich as party appetizers, what you say?

Muruku Sandwich Appetizers Recipes

Kids love this and so adult.  A very quick snack to make and please your kid, family or guest. 

Muruku Sandwich Chat Recipes

Have a nice day ~~