Wagh Bakri Tea Review

Wagh Bakri Tea Review

Yes, it’s a review! A plan that was overdue for years now.  I wanted to write reviews for so long but it didn’t materialize until few friends forced me to do it.  I am starting with Wagh Bakri Strong CTC Leaf Tea review, I am tea person and like to have tea more than coffee.  Only recently we started using Wagh Bakri tea and totally loved it, love for wagh bakri started from having plenty of tea @ Mumbai Domestic Airport. 


Product: Wagh Bakri Strong CTC Leaf Tea

Price: SGD 6.90 for 500 gms

Product Claim: A legendary brand with extraordinary brand loyalty built and preserved painstakingly for more than 5 years.  It’s the best selling brand in Western India.  Customers are known to carry along supplies on long and overseas journeys!
A blend of select Assam teas, WaghBakri is high on strength and instantly refreshes a person.  Consistency of quality through the years is another feather in our cap.  It is available in Leaf, Dust and Fanning varieties.

About Wagh Bakri: Waghbakri tea house is a premium tea house in inception since the year eighteen ninety two. The tea baron, Sir Narandas Desai started the company in Ahemadabad being experienced in the art of blending and tea growing which he learned while owning a tea estate in South Africa. Sir Narandas Desai was praised by Mahatma Gandhi for his commendable work. The generations that followed gave boost to his pioneering efforts and developed the business to its present status of being one of the largest tea houses in India.
During childhood days  Wagh  Bakri ads used to be famous.  This is the first tea brand that we liked very much and so quickly. The quality is consistent, the blend is just right for the aroma, for the taste and strength well balanced.  

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Aroma of this tea is very good, rich & refreshing and it’s taste like  tea we get in hotel, restaurants which is always different from homemade tea.  The tea base is a granular CTC black tea.

Baag wargh Tea

This is pure Assam tea/chai in blend and bring a wonderful colour to the tea too, brew the tea with milk and it will be same colour as shown on Wagh Bakri website. Just a little tea leaves and it does the trick, I have reduced the amount of tea leaves I used while brewing by 1tsp and the tea comes more strong and better than all the tea brands I have been using so far, isn’t that wonderful?  Now my tea pack will run for long. 

2011-11-07 17.09.56

A side note is if you making black tea/laal chai don’t boil it for long as just a minute or 2 and it becomes very strong and might give little bitter taste but if you add milk then it’s perfectly fine. 

Overall I would rate it 3.5/5

Note:  This is not a paid review and all views expressed here are my personal thoughts.