Festive Food Ganesh Chaturthi - Event Announcement

Festive Food Ganesh Chaturthi - Event Announcement

I wanted to start over my Festive Food Events for long now but then I kept delaying that.  Some of you may know/remember festive food events and participated, for others you want to know check out previous events roundups.  What better way to Shree Ganesh(start) the event again than with Ganesh Chaturthi, so come and join me to celebrate this year Ganesh Chaturthi and send your entries, as always you can send your recipes, how you celebrated the festive stories, pictures, decoration, shopping, market pictures etc.  Purpose of FF Events are to enjoy the auspicious festivals with enthusiasm and share our rituals, customs and happiness with the each other.  And special thanks to Prathibha for this beautiful picture she sent to use as logo.

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Simple Rules of Festive Food Ganesh Chaturthi

1. Send in only new post/recipes or pictures, archive are not allowed for all of us to see something new. Link your post back to the event, use of Logo is appreciated.
2. Like all festive food events, this time too you can send anything like sweet, main dish, savoury snack……list goes on. If you wish you can share with us how Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in your region or house. You can also post any hand made arts, rangoli, celebration pictures etc
3. Event starts from 31st August 2012 and ends on 30th September 2012.
4. Bloggers/Non-bloggers are welcome to submit your entries.

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