Ajwain Paratha Recipe

Ajwain Paratha Recipe

Ajwain Paratha Recipe

Ajwain Paratha is my favorite paratha.  I can eat this every day without a problem, this use to be our regular in our lunch box.  Just like lemon rice, it’s also good for travelling as it stays soft for longer duration.   This paratha goes well with any dry or gravy type side dish but for me I love this with tea, just roll the paratha, dip in tea and enjoy.  When I don’t get any ideas of what to cook then ajwain parathas come to rescue and most of the time when I cook for guests I make these as it not only taste delicious but ajawin/carom seeds are good for stomach too.  If you don’t like to bite on carom seeds then soak it in little water for 10-15minutes, strain and use the water to get carom seeds benefits …easy right? 

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Ingredients: [Makes 8-9 Parata]

Whole Wheat Flour - 3 cups
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Ajwain/Carom Seeds - 1 tsp
Oil - 2 tsp + to make parathas
Water - To knead (around 1 cup)

Indian easy quick ajwain paratha recipe


1 In a wide bowl or plate place flour, carom seeds, salt, 2 tsp of oil.  Mix everything well and rub between palm to get sand like texture.  Make a well in the center add water in small quantity.
Easy indian quick paratha recipe
2. Mix everything well, keep adding water in small quantity to make a smooth, pitiable dough, cover with a wet cloth and keep aside for 20 minutes.
carrom seeds ajwain paratha
3. Divide the dough into equal portion of 8-9 balls.  Take one piece at a time and roll into circle like we do for roti but little thicker than roti  You can make it as square paratha too which I normally do.
ajwain paratha step by step pictures

4. Heat  a pan/tawa or griller and place rolled paratha and cook on medium heat until you see it starts to change colour and little bubbles starts to form, flip it apply oil or ghee all over the paratha.  Now flip again to another side and apply ghee or oil.  Cook until both sides are golden brown, flip in intervals to prevent burning.
ajwain paratha

Serve warm with any side dish of your choice.

Easy lunchbox ajwain paratha recipe

Have a nice day ~~