Top 10 Favorite Recipes of 2012

Top 10 Favorite Recipes of 2012

I am back from an unexpected break with top recipes of Indian Khana from 2012.   This year has been the most challenging from the year starting to the end now it's just getting painful but these things make us strong and realize everything that which we take for granted.  So I am hanging out there, I know things will change.   In blogging I took couples of unexpected break but other than that I did quite decent I guess.  With hope and wish next year to be a better one here comes top 10 your favorite recipes of this year.

Wish you all a Happy Year End and Great Start of 2013.

Most popular recipe of 2012 is Black Forest Cake, it’s easy to prepare and taste too delicious.

Next up is a simple DIY recipe of garlic powder

Next comes Eggless Butterless ie Vegan Chocolate Cupcake

One of my favorite, the authentic Gathiya recipe made it next in the list.

 Another favorite tea time and festive snack Namak Para

To satisfy sweet cravings in less guilty way is Sweet Potato Halwa

Go royal with rich and delicious Mughlai Mutton Masala

And easy, quick and no cooking sweet for any occasion is Coconut Laddoo

Popular during fasting (vrat) but it’s good for just any day and simple too Singhara Burfi

Ending the top 10 with most unexpected Kutchi Dabeli

Have a great year end.