Perfico Personalized Glass - A Review

Perfico Personalized Glass - A Review

Hello, Hope all good at your end and since festive season is started in India everyone is busy preparing for celebration so today I am reviewing about Perfico Personalized Champagne Glass which can be wonderful addition to your glass collection or makes excellent gift for family and friends too. Perfico.com is online shop with beautiful personalized gifts which will be ready in 24 hours, awesome isn't it?

I was approached by Perfico! to review their Personalized Glass collection couple of months back and I was to choose between their Wine, Whisky and Champagne personalized glasses. But since I was to travel to India I agreed to do their review later. Normally I would have rejected the review like I have  done before multiple times but their glasses are too cute to let go, so instead of rejecting the offer I decided to do it when I will be back to Singapore.


In our home comfort we can do some exciting shopping thanks to Perfico and their invnovative idea of Personalized gift. You can choose any product and get it personalized to your liking.

Since it was Raksha Bandhan time I decided to gift this glass to my Brother and Sister-in-law and it was a wise decision. I opted for their Personalized Champagne Glass as they look really very pretty and selected In Love print since it was gift, you can choose from 8 different choices for champagne glass.


For me looking at these cute Personalized Champagne Glass immediate thought was to give as gift to my SIL since I know she will absolute love it and it will make great show piece on her new showcase :) And as expected she was very happy I still can't forget the big smile and glow on her happy when she saw these Perfico personalized glass and that gave me so much happiness that I don't regret not ordering these glasses for myself. And that's the reason I decided to shoot the pictures with my SIL and she was very happy to be my model.

So the point is since this is festive season, if you want to gift something special to your family or friends or to make your birthday, anniversary special then you should consider Perfico, the price range might look on higher side but when you see the glass quality and personalized massage it will be all worth it.


Special mention is for their packacing, just like the glass even the thermocol box was customzie to fit the glasses perfectly so it will reach the customer intact, what a lovely idea. I didn't took the box picture, as we all were super excited with Personalized Champagne Glass pair.


Other than the glasses Perfico has many customized gifts to suit our need and budget. You can browse their website here and also have a look at their facebook page here.

And the GOOD news! Perfico is feeling generous and offered one give away of Personalized Champagne Glass to IndianKhana reader (located in India). All you need to do is comment below why you would like to have Perfico Personalized Champagne Glass and what you like about this blog. You can visit Perfico.com and select any one from their 8 design for champagne collection.  One winner will be randomly selected.

Make this festive season or any celebration better with Perfico  Personalized Glass.

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