Announcing ~ Festive Food Event

Announcing ~ Festive Food Event

, the land of varied cultures and traditions is a land of festivals and fairs. It is a land of festivity - religious as well as folkloristic. Whether you go to the East or the West, North or the South you would be able to enjoy every month a festival or a fair.
Every day of the year there is a festival celebrated in some part of the country. Be it cultural or religious, it gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy and join the festivity. Festival is the time to rejoice and have fun.
Lokmanya Tilak started Sarvajanik Ganesh Mahotsav during our fight for Independence. The purpose behind Sarvajanik Mahotsav was to bring people together and soliciting unity & integrity among Indians, thus helping India to get independence.
People come alive, one can see vibrant colours, music, dance, rich food are integral part of these festive seasons.
Purva and Priti, two strangers met on this blogosphere. Two people facing geographical hindrance, however our similarities of enjoying every moment of life have bought us together.
Being away from Homeland, and missing 'India' especially during festive time, has inspired us for ''Festive Food'' (FF) Event
Through 'Festive Food' we will celebrate all festivals, not only India, but even other festivals celebrated around the globe which we are aware of. The purpose of 'Festive Food' is to bring people together and spread the happiness of the festival season.
So here comes first Festive Food Event: Rakhi – Thread of Love and I have the opportunity to host the first event.
Rakhi or Rakshabandhan is a Hindu festival, its emotional bonding between brother and sister. A sacred thread or Rakhi is tied by sister on his brother’s wrist. Brother this way is bonded to protect his sister under all circumstances. In return brother gives sister a gift or a token of love.
So let’s celebrate Rakhi with enthusiasm and zeal by participating in this event.
Guidelines for Celebrating Rakhi – Thread of Love
1. Rakhi is celebrated in all parts of India in different ways and by preparing special goodies on this occasion. Here’s a chance to revive olden days.
Prepare a dish, which as a custom is prepared in your house. It can be anything sweet dish, any main dish, savoury snack……list goes on. Share with us how Rakhi is celebrated in your region or house and also any special memories you have associated with Rakhi. One can post hand made Rakhi or even any special Rakhi you have purchased from the market.
2. The last date for sending your entry is 20th August 2008. We don’t want participants to prepare dishes for this event specially. Our idea is participants should send entries with the dishes, which they have actually prepared on Rakhshabandhan and share with us their experience and enjoy the festival to the fullest.
3. Bloggers can add a link back to this event announcement. We would be glad if you can include Rakhi colourful Logo. There are no restrictions on the number of entries.
4. Send in your entries at Indian.festivefood@gmail.com with below mentioned information:
  • Name:
  • Dish Name:
  • Blog’s Name:
  • Blog URL:
  • Post URL:
No need for attaching the picture, we will take it from your post.
5. Non Bloggers no need to get upset, email your recipe along with the picture. We will post it on your name and include it in the round up.
6. Old post are accepted, provided they are republished by linking back this event announcement along with the logo.
So all sisters gear up to make your brothers happy and if modern age brothers want to make something for your sisters you are more than welcome.


  1. i was confused priti but thn i saw tht both of ur hostin,..hppy hostin ,..will send my entries soon,..

  2. Hi Priti, what a wonderful event. What better way to celebrate life than the way we celebrate our festivals..:-) Lovely idea and theme for the event. And a great way to start with Raksha Bandhan:-)

  3. Nice theme...will send my entry soon

  4. nice event..wil come up with something!!!

  5. Thanks all for your encouraging words...I know I can do this with your support :)

    Ravi, Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely words..couldn't reply in your blog as it's only for invited readers.

  6. Awesome theme gal, count me in. Will post and send my entry soon!!!

  7. Hey, lovely event.I'll try to participate :)

  8. nice event idea priti now is a festival season so we can all enjoy these season with the help of your event dishes :)

  9. Hi dear. Nice event, but i have no brothers and i never celebrated Rakhi. Waiting early to know all the experinces and relish all the different recipes. All the best for the event.

  10. Very nice theme dear... will surely participate... happy hostin...:)

  11. i appreciate ur festival event..bhayi,bahan ka bandan....very gud..will send my recipe for sure...

  12. Happy hosting dearies..and I am in for the event. If you need a host for Ganesh Chaturthi please remember me :) coz that is my fav festival

  13. Hi Priti,
    I miss those days i spent with my parents, borthers and sister.
    I remeber the day when my sister used to tie rakhi to me and my brothers.
    We used to get up early take a bath. My Mom used to prepare the sweet (sweet bambino) and also thaali with Rakhis in it. My sister used to tie the rakhis and put a thilak to our foreheads.
    We used to also give money to our sister.
    Now that i moved to United States, i miss all those bondings and love.
    Sometimes i feel that i leave everything and run back to my family.
    Thanks for giving the oppurtunity to share our sweet old memories.


  14. Something is waiting for you at my blog. Check it here:


    Hope you like it!

  15. just published handmade rakhis for ur event ,..dod rop in whn free,..:-)will be abkc with more,..ceeu around,..hppy hostin,..

  16. priti sorry i dont have time to send my post to ur entry. so please take suitable entries from blog for this event. iam very grateful to u priti.bye have nice time. i will my entries in ur event. thankYou.

  17. nice event priti ...wil come up with something...

  18. Hey priti .. thanks for adding me to your blogroll .. happy hosting

  19. yeah noticed it 2 days ago preeti :P

  20. Thanks for voting dear.... by the way ll send in my entries for the event of rakhi after the rakhi day as ll prepare the dish on that day... :)

  21. hi priti,apublished another one for theevent...willmail u allmy entries together,.hope its fine with u,..:-)

  22. I ve a Rocking surprise for u....check out

  23. Happy hosting Priti.will send my entries soon,..

  24. Sounds like a great event,hope to be able to contribute :)

  25. Really a wonderful event..n sure I ll contribute from my side

  26. nice competition , hope i can make significant contribution.
    thanks for the comment

  27. O this is such a lovely idea. So how long can I send my entries?
    catch me at:

  28. hi dear some thing special for you in my blog check it out

  29. Hey Priti...Nice theme for the event!

    Will definitely participate.

  30. Hi Priti, Sent my last minute entry to u.. plz let me know when u recive it... :)

  31. will mail u my entries today nite,..sorry for the delay..


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