Festive Food: Rakhi~Thread of Love Roundup

Festive Food: Rakhi~Thread of Love Roundup

When we announce the Festive Food event, myself and Purva were very skeptical about it as we both are quite new to blogsphere but thanks to all the lovely people out there with whom support our first festive food event: Rakhi has been successful. Yes, I'll call it successful cause we were not expecting much but receive so much of love from all our fellow bloggers, we have received 33 entries from 20 participates. Thanks to everyone for taking part in Festive Food: Rakhi - Thread of Love Event.

It's been a wonderful experience of hosting an event which enlighted us with so many different ways of celebration & that was the whole theme behind the event; to know each others culture, tradition and food :)..how can we forget food here !

So Friends, here we have some lovely Rakhi, Memories and dishes. Each and every post going to take you to the wonder land so be ready for the ride.

We have separated all the entries into Food, Rakhi and Memory (writeup) category.

First comes Rakhi

As expect it was dear Priyanka's post as first entry for event, I had this feeling and it was correct. She made some lovely Rakhi with Kalash and Swastik designs and very emotional writeup about her dear brother.

Sukanya have made some very simple and beautiful Rakhi. First I thought she brought it from outside (before she posted the procedure of making it) but after reading it up I was like WOW! So simple and yet so cute.

Look at the Rakhi's made by EC and you will be amazed and confuse! Confuse to say which one is the best. She has made some simple lace rakhi, cutie cartoon one's and some beautiful beads one's which can be use as bracelets too.

Here comes Anisheetu entry for the event. Have a look and tell me if you can say they are made from foam sheets. Adorable rakhi's and wishes to her brother.

Purva made these beautiful cards & rakhi with a sweet touch for her brother. Check out her blog to find out about the sweet touch. :-)

Sireesha made these cute Rakhi as she wants to give the personal touch. Check her blog to find how did she made them.

If you need some more information about Rakhi festival then check Jaishree's blog.
She has also prepared simple & elegant Rakhi and Greeting Card for her brother.

Ramya cooks and Ramya makes some creative stuff too :-)...beautiful Rakhi made by her for her brother.

Memories ....to cherish always

Priyanka have this lovely memory about the way of Rakhi celebration in her Mayaka, and some very cute Heena Art.

Dear Purva wrote some wonderful info about Rakhi and also how Rakhi celebrated in her house.

Festive Food

Dilpasand anyone? Check out Priyanka's blog, we got some lovely heart shape capsicum and paneer dish and who can say no to paneer ?...not me of course. I'm a out and out paneer fan and this one is very tempting.

Sukanya has sent Cabbage Poriyal, always prepared by her Amma for most of the festive food. So our gal following the family tradition and prepared poriyal too :)

You don't have a brother so don't celebrate Rakhi or couldn't participate in this event? Then learn something from this bong gal Sudeshna. Check her blog for her way of Rakhi celebration and she prepared someone's favorite dish Hilsa with Steam.

Shreya has made essential part of festive food in Kerala: Avial. Try this very colourful avial with a twist of Bitter Gourd & Snake Gourd.

Tripti prepared traditional Mathura's festive food for Rakhi - Aloo Kachori with Aloo Sabji from her dear friend's recipe.

from Ruchi made unique Pears Cherry Laddoos, looking so colorful and yummy and easy to make.

made delicious looking Mal Pua for her dear brother and wishes for his well being.

made Gulab jamun, yes the real sweet for any festive and she used no khoya or mawa check her creation to find out how did she made these tasty looking jamuns.

prepared simple, healthy and colourful Chole Mur Mure Sev Chat & Gud Appam for her brother. Want to know what's Gud Appam...then check Shreya's work.

Purva made yummy traditional Gujarati dessert for all the festives - Sukhadi

One more sweet dish from Bhawna, whom made traditional U.P's Rakhi dish: Mithe Jave for her brother and shared few good tips with us too.

So you had a busy weekend and was not able to make anything for the event? Then have a look at Priyanka's blog for how to do multitasking :)..with so many things happening in the weekend our gal she manage to prepare yummy looking Malai Wale Ladoo, Sweet Rice with Strawberries & Bread Dahiwada

Festive food and no carrot halwa, how can that be? Kitchen Flavors from Yummy Food send over yummy Gajar ka Halwa entry for event.

This year Rakhi being special for Karuna she made Dal Makhani & Mutter Paneer for her dear brother. So you think what's so special about this year's rakhi? Check her blog.

Here comes authentic Narali Bhaat from Anisheetu's kitchen.

Rakhi's regular meal is Chole in Priyanka's house, so she following the same tradition and send us over some chole too but this time make it instant! Have a look at her recipe to find how to make instant chole.

Dear LG made tasty and healthy Hesarubele Payasa (Moongdal Payasam) from her mother-in-law's recipe and also written some handy tips.

made Poli for the first time and did turn up very good I guess, cause its looks yummy and perfect.

Did you guys notice so far no seviyan (semiya) entry? It's so true rite everyone of us make seviyan one or other time during any special occasion or festival. Well, then we do have Dudh is Seviyan this time too and this has been generously sent by Nidhi.

Here comes Madhavi's entries for the event, in spite of not being well our courageous gal sent her family favorite recipes for the event. Thanks dear and get well soon.

First comes her brother favorite Macaroni Masala which she made for his birthday, how sweet :-)

Next our Queen Victoria sent us American Paplu, wondering what's that? Check our dear gal recipe then and this post is Tribute to her Pa, lovely writeup..check urself.

Next comes Dhekra, it's a south Gujarat special and Madhavi is more than happy to share with us the wonderful recipe.

And here comes the traditional Gujarati Dal Dhokli. The yummy, delicious, simple Dal Dhokli; whomever never eaten dal dhokli do try this and you'll fall in love with this wonderful dish. I love dal dhokli too, but we make it very plan way than Madhavi' s version.

Coming over to me..I have prepared Radga/Papdi Chat with Chocolate Milkshake for Rakhi. I know you guys want to ask chat for Rakhi ?? But yes, chat for Rakhi :-)...

Thanks again to everyone for sending these wonderful entries, if I have missed out any entry please let me know I'll makes the amendments.


  1. :( thought that the deadline was august 31st and was planning to prepare gulab jamuns this weekend for this :( anyway... its okay!!!

    But, congrats to you and Purva for the first event and very good roundup!

  2. wow...what a round up!!?? Thank u for hosting the event. Looking forward for more events from u guys.

  3. Nice spread of recipes and rakhis. Loved them all.

  4. Lovely job on your first round-up.

  5. wow,,,amazing rounup up,..every dish is yummy,,nd so mnay rakhis,...doesnt look like ur first one,..congrats to both of u,..for hosting such a nice event,..btw whts the next theme,..

  6. Great roundup..I couldnt participate but Loved reading all the recipes..

  7. Awesome round up, thank you so much for hosting this lovely event, great round-up, and for those lovely words. Lovely rakhis and mouthwatering dishes :)))

  8. hay priti, wht an amazing round up yaar... few of them really touched...congrates to u and purva for ur first events and it was more successful.. hope the same for ur upcoming events too...waiting for the next :) special hugs dear..great job

  9. Very good round up! and congrats to you for organising this event and achieving it!

  10. Congrats on ur first event :) All dishes re looking good :)

  11. thanx for the great round up gals. the handmade rakhis all look really pretty. lots of ideas for next year.

  12. Nice round up :-)
    Thanks for ur comment on appam. i hope u try it and like it. it's very easy to make :-)

  13. Good round-up Dear! Looking forward to your next festival event.

  14. yo! man..that was a grand round up with rakhis and lots of goodies. I love this event...lots of cultural insight and traditional food :)

  15. Hey Vani no problem dear..there are many events coming...you have to work much harder now for the events :) Thanks for your lovely words

    Bhawna, Thanks for sending the entry ...we will shortly announce the new event. Thanks for your interest.

    Thanks Sukanya

    Thanks Jayashree

    Thanks Priyanka for your generous words :) …next event coming soon…

    Thanks Paru, hope to see your entries in coming events.

    Thanks Madhavi, its all because of all the lovely ladies …

    Suma thanks dear, hugs to U too..:-)

    Thanks Ramya :-)

    KF, thanks for the award.

    Cham ..so when are you making any of one from here ;)

    Karuna, good you got the idea. Next year will expects handmade Rakhi from U ;)

    Thanks Vibaas

    Thanks Nidhi…it’s on the way…

    Ya LG you got the point, thanks for lovely words :)

  16. Fantastic round-up....you spelt my name wrongly(its sukanya and not sukhanya) and its a great compliment that you thought that my Rakhis were purchased from outside and not made by me....Were they looking so professional...Thanks yaar...Isse bada compliment aur kya ho sakta hai...my husband will be glad to know that the money he spent for the raw material didnt go waste.

  17. Sukanya...thanks for letting me know :)..I have corrected it ...you can check :)..& ya the money did not go for waste..they are really adorable

  18. beautiful round up..I loved the rakhis..I am sorry i really feel bad i couldn't send anything..i thought there was still time(end of this month)..next time anyway..

  19. Beautiful and lovely roundup :))Thanks for hosting such a lovely event.....SO many lovely and beautiful Rakhis and yummy dishes....

  20. an award waiting for u in my blog!

  21. Wonderful round up, Priti. Looking forward to the next event, and many more lovely entries!:-)

  22. What a lovely round up!!

  23. congrats to you and Purva for the first event amazing rounup up:)SO many lovely and beautiful Rakhis and yummy dishes....Looking forward to the next event...

  24. Thanks Sowmya, you can send for others event

    Thanks Sireesha :)

    Hey Sri, Thanks for the award

    Yes the next event is announced, thanks Shreya

    Thanks Hima

    Thanks Myview, check Purva’s blog for next event details :)

  25. great event. and everything looks wonderful. Have tagged you priti, check out my blog

  26. Lovely roundup. I missed this event as I wasn't aware. I will try to participate next time.

  27. Hi Priti

    I really missed out on this lovely event you had hosted.. I was traveling and just got to know about it really late..I had made a rakhi cake especially for the occasion.
    The round up looks lovely..

  28. Wow wonderful Priti.. great roundup and wonderful recipes from all... will wait for the next one... :)

  29. an event for icecreams and milkshakes is going in my blog! participate in it!

  30. WOW!!thats wt i cn say only!!well i think i had Sukhadi and would love to take half Gulabjamun!!hmmm nice food to sayHappy Rakhi!!good post!tk cr!

  31. Very nice posting and very good food!!!
    Thank you.
    Have a nice week.

  32. Very nice round-up. Beautiful Rakhis & Interesting recipes!

  33. Hey dear, how r u? Yes, I am having fun :)

  34. a small treat for u in my blog..collect it soon :)

  35. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I just love yours. Catch u up soon.

  36. Wow great roundup everything looks fantastic :)

  37. Thanks VP :)

    Thanks Vidhya…I’ll do the tag soon.

    Meera, it’s okie…see you in the next event :-)

    Swati, I loved the Rakhi cake you baked…it’s looks so gud. Thanks for the comment

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    Sri, I have passed my entry long back dear :)

    Harmony, Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you liked the roundup

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