Karnataka Style Meal

Karnataka Style Meal

oday being the last day for the entry in SWC: Karnataka Event and yes I have manage to post this entry. I break my head so much to what to send for the event as I didn't knew much of karnataka food type but now thanks to the event I know few things :)..I wanted to make so many things but couldn't manage to do it(we always have this kind of excuse rite :P).

So today I thought let's do it. I search few recipes here and there and in the end settled with two blogs and picked recipes from there :)..since I wanted to make few things & after much of brainstorming I settled for full karnataka style meal for lunch. But the slight problem was my little index finger, I have hurt my finger on Thursday, and it became too difficult for me to do anything.

The big problem was washing dal, rice and making tamarind paste but somehow I manage to do it and now my finger is so swollen :-( but in the end of day its worth all the effect ;)

So Lets start the meal with starter or salad Carrot Kosambari from VP's Blog. Usually I do not add channa dal in this carrot salad but I wanted to make it traditional Karnataka style so just followed everything as it is there.

Next comes side dish in the form of banana fry. Here is recipe:


Raw Banana - 2
Cumin seeds - 1/2 tps
Red chilli powder - 1tps
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tps
Coriander powder - 1tps
Salt - to taste
Oil - 3-4 tbs

1. Skin the raw banana and cut in medium size circles.
2. In a pan heat oil add cumin seeds and let it splutters.
3. Add banana and fry for 3-4mins.
4. Add all the rest of ingredients, mix and cook for another 4-5mins or until banana is done.
5. Tasty banana fry is ready to eat.

Next up is Mix Vegetable Huli. I followed everything as it is in this recipe too and it was just yummy; but only thing was I didn't had any rasam powder with me so made rasam powder or as they called it Saarina Pudi too :)
A bit different from normal sambar but it came as welcome surprise to everyone at home and everyone like it too. If anyone want to try this recipe and then go ahead I have thumbs up for this :)

Next is a must rasam in South Indian meal, I have picked  and made Garlic Rasam. It was very tasty. I followed the same recipe here too & this recipes gets double thumbs up from my sis ;)

So meal without any sweet? Now how can that be I have made Kesaribath, simple and delicious recipe is this one.

Here is the full karnataka style meal which was very very yummy and delicious. I'm so glad that I have tried Karnataka style meal :)

Also sending the Mix Veggies Karwar Style for the event too.



  1. Lovely and delicious thali priti:))Everything looks inviting.Gr8 spread.

  2. wow .. lovely spread of dishes preeti .. loved the huli N Keasri bath .. feel like eating it right now. good entry

  3. Hey .. hope u r feeling better now .. take care dear ..

  4. beautiful post priti..simply loved the spread..especially the kesari baat looks great!!!great entry!!

  5. nice entry for the event,..everythin looks delicious,.and lakshmi sure has nice and yum recipes,..great entry for the event,..

  6. Delicious platter. Nice entries to the event. U r rocking dear.

  7. Lovely and delicious spread of dishes priti:)Great entry for the event,..

  8. I am smiling end to end with my teeth out..all happy to see that complete thali..Thanks for participating and I appreciate your efforts..take care of your finger..plzz plzz.. Hugs to you..Lakshmi

  9. Hi Priti, that's a yummy spread you've lined up. And, thank you so much for your encouraging comments.

  10. nice thali.,i miss the indian south indian thali very much.,g8 work

  11. Wow,everything on the thali looks yummy and inviting..hope your index finger gets better soon....

  12. Sireesh thanks for the comment dear :)

    Thanks VP, the kosambari was nice too which I followed from your blog..thanks for sharing the recipe ;)

    Thanks Shillu :)

    Thanks Sowmya :)

    Yes Priyanka LG sure have nice recipes ...:)

    KF, thanks dear :)

    Thanks Myviews :)

    LG Thanks dear..Hugs to you too ;)

    Thanks for dropping by Dershana

    Anjum you are invited for this thali ...feel free anyone ;)

    Usha ..thanks for the comment ..getting back to normal now...in a day or 2 should be okie I guess :)

  13. Sweet Suprise waiting for u in my blog.

  14. All dishes look delicious. Hope your finger gets better soon.

  15. Thats is a super spread..great job

  16. you went all out!! very well laid out platter.

  17. delicious array of food! all the entries look yummy!

  18. Lots of cooking! Lovely spread. take care of your finger!

  19. Hey Kf thanks for the award :)

    Valarmathi..thanks dear...better now.

    EC Thanks :-)

    Mallugirl..thanks :)

    Thanks Uma :-)

    Dibs..thanks dear :)

  20. This looks delicious! Even though I know nothing about karnataka style meals, your display sure looks tasty.
    Hope your finger will be better soon :)

  21. This looks lovely and delish :) Many thanks for calling by my blog and for your very kind words :)

    I also hope you will be able to join us at sweet & simple bakes on our next bake.

    Best wishes Rosie x

  22. Wow such a tempting thali. How is your finger now? Take care dear

  23. What a delectable thaali that is - everything is absolutely tempting.

  24. Wow, wonderful karnataka Meal plate.. Mouth watering !! Love all ur entries Priti.. !! I missed my home land event :(!!

  25. hi priti..

    wow... yummy & Really fantastic...

  26. Thanks Priti for visiting my site

  27. re-published the round-up take a look..here http://www.tasteofmysore.com/2008/09/swc-karnataka-round-up-1-republished.html

  28. i want to know about bisi bele bath so pls let me know

  29. pls mail me the recepie of bisi bele bath


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