FestiveFood:Makar Sankranti Roundup

FestiveFood:Makar Sankranti Roundup

ear All,

I know I have disappeared just like that :-)...but guys I'm busy with work, home. We have shifted to our new place and trying to settle down. Now I know how time consuming and difficult is to setup home :-)....well thanks to all of you for showing so much concern and love on my disapperance ...heheh I'll try to be regular once again in our little blog world.

Coming back to the roundup it was once again great hosting the event with all your support, Thanks you all for entries. So, here not wasting any more time presenting your long waited FestiveFood: Makar Sankranti Roundup...

If I missed out any of your entry then kindly inform me.

Aru from Gourmet Affair was the first to send entries for event with her Ranga Alur Puli Pithey which is something very new for me and I guess to few of you too...check her recipe for details and to know what exactly is that.

Next up is Doodh Puli from Aru's mom kitchen. This will also going to be a new dish for few of us, simple and easy...but yummy. Look at the picture and drool check her recipe for details.

And hitting the hattrick Aru has sent Patishapta Pithey which she says is a must for Poush Sankranti, check her blog for the easy and yummy recipe.

Next up is entries from Shama, lets start with this lovely and colourful Rangoli/Kolam done by her during Pongal..

Here making it's way to our event is Sweet/Sakkarai Pongal..yes Pongal is uncompleted without this..and this one is from Shama kitchen.

Also she sent Sweet Pumpkin Curry which she made on Pongal day, check her recipe for details.

And also this yummy looking Dahi Vada from her....

Here we have one more bong gal and this time from Singapore - Inrani from Appyayan. She has sent Patishapta Pitha and Natun Gurer Payesh

Deepthi from Vegetable Platter has sent this simple yet a bit different Pongal which she has made for pongal since she and hubby doesn't like sweet pongal much.

Here comes Navita with something different and i.e Sesame Speculaas and if you want to know what's seame speculaas and why it called that then you have check her space for that and for lots of other information too.

Here is Preeti's [nope not me ;) ] from Khaugiri entry Tilgulache Ladoo. So here it is 'Tilgul ghya, god god bola'..that means "Take a tilgul and talk sweet as it",interesting isn't it...for more interesting and informative stuff check her post.

Her next entry is Gul Poli, naivedyam for God, this is made with Til & Gul.

She has also made Bhogichi Bhaji on Bhogi day, to know the importance of Bhogi check her blog.

And here is more from Bajari chi Bhakri from Preeti, which she love to eat with fresh white butter ..now that's something :-).

Next up is Sakkarai Pongal from Jaishree of Ruchi. There are some very gud info on the way Pongal is celebrated, do readup to gain more knowledge about Pongal :-)

Here is delicious Sakkarai Pongal,Ama Vadai and the delicious carrot burfi from her all the way to our event.

And one more Pithe but this time stuff with fish, Maacher Puli Pithe (Fried Puli Stuffed with Fish) is our entry from Sunanda of Sunandas Kitchen, check her space to get the details of this lovely pithe.

Next up is Sesame Ladoo from Archy of Archy's Recipe Book,with the belated wishes ;) she wrote about those old golden days ...ahh when festive comes we all do remember good old days isn't it?

One more time making way into our event is Sakkara Pongal from Vidhya's My Receipes kitchen. The difference is there are some special moments lock into this post, read it yourself, here is also her prayer offering.

Hema from Adlak's Kitchen has also sent Sweet Pongal along with procedure the way Pongal celebrated in her home...it's so gud to know about different way and procedure :-). Here is full meal prepared on Pongal (yup let's all drool on) along with sweet pongal.

Uma from Essence of Andhra has sent Besan-Coconut Laddu celebrating her blog's first year anniversary with all of us. Wish you ..oohh I mean your blog Happy Birthday....jab tak suraj chand rahe ...Essence of Andhra tera naam rahe :-)

Vijaya from Daily Meals has sent this simple but yummy Mokkajonna Burelu (Sweet Corn Fritters) made only with few ingredients and looks so delicious...

Ashwini from Nanna Adige sent to all of us tradition dish - Till Mixture (Ellu Bella), check her blog for the recipe and for good information on celebrations too.

Now this one is interesting, getting the real essence of celebrating all the festival together. Kamakshi from Sanctified Spaces has sent across details and reason for celebrating Kanu Pongal, beautiful rangoli, check her space to know more about it.

Sakkarai Pongal for Surya Bhagwan

Also we have from Kamakshi Paruppu Payasam

Sankranti Pitlay

Full meals...this one is sure to make us all drool...

Ofcourse the meal ends with sweet dish -- Bengal gram dal poli

Shama from Easy2CookRecipes sent simply, yummy and all time favourite Uzhundu Vadai

Viki from Viki's Kitchen has sent Pongal Aviyal and this is what she says: Southern TamilNadu people used to prepare this for Pongal festival. It tastes great with the sarkarai pongal and ven Pongal.

We have Sweet Khichidi from Poonam's Kitchen, this khichidi is traditional Konkani cuisine and healthy too Poonam says..check her recipe for details.

And here comes Smitha's from Dabbu's Recipes's Venn Pongal, Chakkarai Pongal and Ullunda Vadai..along with some sweet memories.

Sanika from Spicy & Tangy....Sweet & Yummy sent Tilachi Vadi (Sesame Bars) popular and authentic Maharashtra dish.

If you guys need some other info on Sankranti then sure visit Kiran's blog (Radiance Recipes)..her post on Sankranti is having wonderful information/memories along with delicious Undhiu

Now if you guys need some more reading and real authentic Tamil way celebrating Pongal then this is the place...check Dhanasakthi's SakthiChats..she has given full detail of Pongal day and the way her family celebrated it..quite fun I should say along with that we get Paccharisi Pongal & Pongal Kari (Kuzhambu)

Neha from Tasty Recipes has sent these yummy looking Sesame Sweets(til ke ladoo) another dish from Maharashtra which she says very easy to prepare.

Next up is Sugar Figurines from Lakshmi of Taste of Mysore which is simple but one of favorite sweet for most of us I guess. Do check her post for some gud prayers too.

Vidhas from Appetizing Recipes had her Periyamamm's signature dish Besan Kheer, something new and different than regular kheer....check her place for the recipe.

Here is hat-trick entries from Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes, first up is Sakkarai Pongal, next Mango n Tapioca Pearls Kheer which Priya says easy to make and delicious to eat. Followby is twist in the pongal ie. Vegetable Ven Pongal

Check out the delicious Sesame Seeds Puri, Tilachi Vadi & Gulachi Poli from Trupti of Recipe Center, everything looks so perfect..differcult to say which one must have tasted gud ;)

Sowmya from Creative Saga had yummy Chakkarai Pongal for the celebration....I just feel like eating it right away.

Maya from KonkanWorld have sent us two-in-one sweet and savory Mooga Goad Usli/Sweet Moong khichdi which she says good for breakfast too, check the healthy recipe at her blog

EC from Simple Indian Food had feast on Pongal..here is the list:

Sakkarai Pongal

Ven Pongal


Lemon Rice

Tomato Rice


Til ladoo

Dry Fruit Chikki

And we have very good rangoli too from her...

Ashwini from Nanna Adige has sent this delicious loooking Sweet Pongal ..check her space for gud fusion lunch too ;)

Dear Priyanka from Asan Khana has sent yummy Khichdi with Karela fry, Curd and Papad...simple and delicious food for any day..what say?

And here comes my entry for the event which is simple yet delicious Venn Pongal :-)

Here is one more Ven Pongal from Ramya of Ramyacooks but the difference is she used Elertic cooker to make this one...surprsing? Check her recipe for details.

Thanks again for making this event happening.


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  9. Thanks Dhana, Dershana, Varunavi, Lakshmi, Alka, EC :-)....

    Asha, thanks for the info...as of now not hosting Shivaratri..perhaps next year :)...will let you know

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