Festive Food ~ Rakhi | Raksha Bandhan 2010

Festive Food ~ Rakhi | Raksha Bandhan 2010

Dear All,

Festive Food is back with Raksha Bandhan 2010 event again. 

It was like yesterday when myself and Purva started Festive Food Event to enjoy the joy and happiness of all the festivals around us and it's already been 2 years...

The bond between brother and sister celebrated in form of Rakshabandhan.  I do not wish to repeat same thing again so for more details about Raksha Bandhan [Rakhi] please visit our announcement

Coming to the event this year again it's pity simple .  The purpose is to celebrate, do not think that you have a cook a dish to be part of this one.


1. Send in entry in form of pictures, memories which relates you with Rakhi.

2. You being creative ~  made Rakhi, Card or any other thing? Send that too as entry...I will be happy.

3. Send in your entry of celebration even if you have not prepared anything specify for the day. You can share your purchased Rakhi/sweets/gift etc details too.

4. If you did prepare something special [sweet dish, any main dish, savoury snack] for the occasion share with us.

So you got it? It's all about sharing...

Since Rakhi is on 24th Aug '10, last date to send your entry is  12th Sep '10.

  • Old entries are accepted as long as you didn't sent the same for the last 2 event and link back to this page.

  • Please link back to this event announcement. I would be glad if you can include Logo and spread the word. There are no restrictions on the number of entries.

  • Send in your entries at Indian.festivefood@gmail.com with below mentioned information:

    * Your Name:

    * Dish Name:

    * Blog’s Name:

    * Blog URL:

    * Post URL:

    * Picture(s):

  • Non Bloggers no need to get upset, email your recipe along with the picture. I will post it on your name and include it in the round up.

Let's celebrate and share....


  1. will try to send something..very busy nowadays..but this is one event I just love to participate in..

  2. Wonderful event will surely participate.

  3. Thanks gals looking fwd to your entries....

  4. Hi. I remember participating in this last year, will try to send something this year too.

  5. Happy hosting,will try to send in some :)

  6. Wonderful Event - will certainly participate.

  7. great event..will surely participate..happy hosting !

  8. Will surely try to participate :)

  9. Oh Priti sounds wonderful shall send in some entries!!!

  10. nice theme for the event. Will try to participate

  11. Wonderful event. I'll send my entry soon.

  12. Thank you gals...looking fwd to hav a rocking Rakhi festive :)

  13. Very intersting Blog. ALl the best for your event you are conducting for rakhi.


    Prasad from
    free greeting cards

  14. wow..I like the theme and the concept.
    This is the first time am participating in an event and I will surely send my entry.

    Pls add me as Anu from http://apinchofsaltmakeitall.blogspot.com/

  15. Hi Priti ,came to know about this only today. I will def send in something festive :-)


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