DIY: Diwali Home Decoration Ideas | Themes

DIY: Diwali Home Decoration Ideas | Themes

I guess most of you will be busy with Diwali shopping, cleaning and with all the sweets & savoury preparation, among all this busy things we also need to think how to decorate our home, what new things to try.  My sister does this so well, each year she will choose one colour and theme, she will plan well and do the work effortlessly on the D day.  So I thought I shall share some of the Diwali home decoration ideas with you to give you guys little ease.  Do let me know if you liked the post.

We shall start with Rangoli as most of us do that whether it’s outside of house or inside.   

Here is simple rangoli and a diya on centre, on entrance.

Diwali Rangoli
Or go simple with rangoli or say it’s kolam using colour chalks

Diwali Rangoli Kolam Ideas
You can also try Pookalam or flower arrangement.  A simple and quick design also bring lot of festive mood.

Diwali Home Decoration Flower Rangoli ideas

Floating Candles arrangement is very attractive and inexpensive idea and it’s looks very pretty.  Keep it any where around the house and made the area looks special.  You can match the candle’s shape, colour with your theme.

A simple floating candles arrangement, used here fresh flower petals with few pebbles and candles of different colours. 

Diwali potpourri floating lamps and flowers ideas suggestion

Or go little detailed and do this decoration with fresh flowers.  Fresh flowers arrange on top of water with just one candle in the centre, looks pretty isn’t it? 

Diwali Potpurri Ideas

After lighted up it looks like this, very festive what you say?

DIY Decorative  Deepavali Diya Oil lamp ideas hand painted diyas1

Oh you notice the change of candle?   That’s cause the candle was sinking so I replaced it with diya/oil lamp and I think this looks much better. 

Diwali potpourri floating lamps ideas

Show you guys dinning table decoration.   You can keep fresh flowers for a simple and elegant look and that’s bring freshness or go little elaborate like the below picture.

You can use a table runner, if you don’t have one at hand it’s fine.  Use your dupatta or sari ( I am not responsible if you end up having any strain on your favourite saree or dupatta Smile )  so be careful while serving or eating.    This is a saree in light cream colour with flowers petals along a centre piece arrangement.  A light colour table runner is used cause the backdrop wall is dark colour of red.  Keep few candles in dinning table too if you have the space. 

Diwali Interior Ideas for dinning table

And this is the centre pieces on the dinning table, a very simple arrangement with a candle on side.

Diwali Home Decoration Ideas Suggestion

I am going to sum up the post with some pooja place decoration idea.  My mom would make a simple rangoli or kolam around the pooja area, you can do that.

Here my sister used a new saree and dupatta to decorate the wall and bring some Indian look.

Diwali Easy Home Decoration Ideas Suggestion

No, this is not your cup of tea?  Never mind we go simple with just some floating candles and fresh flowers.

Diwali potpourri floating lamps ideas suggestion

Or try with some simple rangoli design, flowers, diyas, and some Christmas decoration items.

Diwali Prayers Decoration Ideas

Hope you liked the ideas, have a nice day ~~


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