Fruit Trifle | Trifle Pudding Recipe

Fruit Trifle | Trifle Pudding Recipe

I find planning a menu time consuming task and last few days I had back to back hosting guests, every time to decide new menu with new recipes can be difficult and one of those days Prathibha gave me the idea to try Fruit Trifle/Trifle Pudding for dessert. 

Fruit Trifle recipe Trifle pudding recipe
The good thing about this trifle is one can make this recipe as per their taste and requirement and it’s so simple to make. If you have lot of work for get together or party then this trifle can be very handy as everything can be put together in less than 20 minutes provided having some cake in hand.  Just make the custard, arrange the trifle, keep it in fridge and forget about it until it’s time to serve and wow your family, friends and guests with this delicious and attractive trifle.
Fruit Trifle recipe Trifle pudding recipe1
Try this recipe during this festive season for a sweet surprise to your near and dear ones, how about using eggless cake to make this trifle pudding and serve this for Diwali dinner dessert for a change?  Sounds interesting rite? 

Fruit Trifle Pudding Recipe

Ingredients: [Serves – 6]
Cake – 1 1/2 cup chopped [ I am using marmer cake here]
Banana – 2
Apple – 1
Strawberry – 18-20 pieces
Whipped Cream – For garnishing [optional]
For Custard
  Custard Powder – 3 tbsp
  Milk – 500ml
  Sugar – 4 tbsp [to taste]
 Custard Trifle Pudding Recipe


1. We can start with making the custard, boil milk, meanwhile in a bowl take custard and add 50ml from the boiling milk or just enough milk to mix with custard.  Make sure there is no lumps formed. 
2. Add sugar in milk and let it simmer for 2 minutes.  Now add the custard milk mix and stir non-stop on low flame, milk will start to thicken this takes 3-5 minutes. Custard has to be thick with pouring consistency, keep aside.

Custard Puding Recipe

3. While the custard is getting ready we can work on chopping the fruits.  You can use any fruit of your choice like orange, pomegranate, peach etc.  Wash well and chop all the fruits, keep aside.

Strawberry trifle pudding
4. You can use cake of your choice, if you have any leftover it works perfect.  Chop cake in small pieces, even brownie or muffin will work here.  I am used marmer cake.
5. For assembly, in serving glass add chopped cake pieces until 1/4 of glass.  You can use a large serving bowl or plate and arrange the cake pieces. 

Cake fruit trifle pudding reicpe
6. Pour 3-4 tbsp of custard, then layers of fruits.  I kept apple, banana followed by strawberry. 

Fruits and custard trifle pudding
7. Our fruit trifle is ready, cover it with cling wrap or aluminium foil and chill in fridge for 2-3 hours or until ready to serve. 

Strawberry custard fruit trifle pudding recipe

Garnish with whipped cream and top it with strawberry or cherry before severing.  Isn’t that easy?  Make this a day before (don’t use banana in that case as it will change colour) or in the morning before your party.

Custard Fruit Trifle Pudding Recipe

~  If you don’t have any leftover cake in hand no problem, try this with jelly.
~ Use any flavour custard, I used pista flavour.
~ Choice of fruit is up to you whatever you can lay your hands on.  You can also use canned fruits but personally I like to use fresh ones.
~ You can do layering as per your choice like starting with cake/jelly, fruits and then custard.  In this case you have to let the custard set first. 

Have a nice day ~~
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