How to Make Roasted Cumin Powder | Homemade Jeera Powder

how to make cumin jeera powder

Roasted Cumin Powder recipe? Seriously?  You must be thinking isn't it.  I wanted to post cumin powder recipe for years now but it just wasn't happening.  To post how to make cumin powder at home was stuck me multiple times but I really wanted to do it was during talking with one of my friend.  She was having this huge bottle of store brought cumin powder and she asked me I can want some since the bottle is huge she can't finish it soon, I told her why would I need this I make my own cumin powder when I need and she was like what we can make cumin powder at home?

how to make cumin jeera powder

At my sister place my bro-in-law purchased lot of spice powder all in this huge bottle from very popular brand as my friend purchased and when I was cooking once at their place and open the cumin powder bottle, the power had small insects in the brand new bottle can you believe that?  I had to throw the bottle away!

how to make cumin jeera powder

So this post is dedicated to those people whom still doesn't know how to make cumin powder, it's way too simple, easy and hardly take any time.  You can do even 1 tbsp of cumin powder or any quantity of your choice, I normally do in small batch so I can always have fresh cumin powder as nothing beats fresh roasted cumin powder it's just too fragrant and I love that smell.  And I always roast cumin before I powder it, if you purchase you cumin powder it's not always roasted that's why the color of powder is not dark brown.    So do not wait any longer go ahead and make your own batch of cumin/jeera powder and use in your recipes.

how to make cumin jeera powder

Ingredients for Homemade Roasted Cumin (Jeera) Powder

[Shelf Life 2 Months, Yields - 1/4 Cup Powder, Total Time - 10 minutes]

Cumin Seeds/Jeera/Jeerakam - 1/4 Cup [or as needed]

how to make cumin jeera powder


1. Heat a pan or wok and add cumin seeds, roast in medium flame until light dark brown and fragrant.
~ One cumin seeds start to be fragrant you have to keep a close eye and keep stirring otherwise cumin seeds will be burnt quickly.  If you over roast them it will be very dark brown color and bitter in taste.
how to make cumin jeera powder

2. Allowed roasted cumin to cool and grind in a spice blender or mixer until fine powder or keep it little coarse the way you like.  Allow to cool powder again and store in air tight container.
how to make cumin jeera powder

Our cumin powder is ready use as required.

how to make cumin jeera powder

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How To Make Yogurt | Curd | Dahi | Homemade Curd

How to make yogurt curd dahi at home, homemade curd yogurt dahi thayir perugu

I started to prepare home made curd after coming to Singapore since my sister and bil eat curd daily, I also learnt how to set curd properly from my bro-in-law, curd he sets are just too perfect.  So after my few trial and error I began to set curd properly which would be pass my bil standards.

In my parents or In-laws place curd is not set every day in fact in my in-laws place they don't set curd they buy mahi (buttermilk) if required to make any recipe.  When I visit my in-law place I will set curd and I have become popular one, setting up the perfect curd/dahi.  My in-laws love curd made by me when they are here that whenever I go back I have this duty.

Setting a liter or two liters of curd is different story but when you have to do this in huge amount say 12 to 15 liter then it's all together different game.  Last year I did this massive cooking for various function, one of which was to make curd from 15 liters milk and next for 12 liters, when I first heard it I was like how am suppose to do that and how will I know how much starter curd to use but I did manage and made just so perfect curd that when it went to the Halwai (cater) he asked from where the curd was purchased and aftermath it's big story let's not go, it will be more like I am going ga-ga over myself !

If you haven't started making your own curd/yogurt then you should try it as it's  fresh, healthy and of course economical.

Ingredients for Homemade Curd (Yogurt - Dahi)

Milk - 500 ml
Curd - 1 tbsp (as starter/jamun)


1. Bring milk to good boil and set aside to cool.  Milk should be cool up to lukewarm temperature not hot or completely cold.  If you let the milk gets cold completely then the curd will not be set properly.  If the milk gets cold then heat again for 30 seconds in microwave or 1 minute in gas stove.

~ You can set curd in the same vessel you boiled milk or transfer milk to another bowl.

2. Add 1 tbsp of curd in milk and stir well to mix for around 1-2 minutes.  This is important step, starter curd to be mixed properly.

3. Cover the bowl and keep aside over night or for 6-8 hours in warm places for curd to set or around 12 hours in cold places.  Number of hours to set curd depends on your weather conditions and temperature.   Some times it takes around 24 hours to set curd too.

Our Curd/Yogurt/Dahi is ready, always keep in refrigerator if not curd will become sour.

~~ Note
  • You can heat microwave for 30 seconds and then keep bowl in microwave for curd to set.
  • Never disturb the curd while it's setting so no peak-a-boo please.
  • If the curd is not set after 8 hours or over night keep it aside without disturbing, it will be set, the duration may vary so check in every few hours. 
  • Few of possible cause for curd not to set properly
    • Milk was cold or hot while mixing curd (starter/jamun)
    • The curd you used for setting was not good or spoiled
    • You used little curd as starter
    • Weather conditions/temperature
  • In winter keep milk little hotter than lukewarm while mixing starter curd.  You can also keep milk in microwave/oven with light on for warmth.
  • If your starter curd is very sour then you new batch of curd will be sour too.  In this case you use 1-2 tsp of sour curd to set. 
  • I normally test milk temperature with my clean finger. 
  • If you are setting curd for first time try with small batch.  
  • Some people use green/red chilli to set curd along with curd(starter) or even without.  I personally never tried that.
Here is how most of the North Indian like to eat curd with sugar :) 

Have a nice day ~~

Banana Milkshake | Easy Summer Recipes

Banana Milkshake Recipe

Wishing Everyone Happy & Safe Holi 

Most of the people must be busy now with Holi and having fun along colors, friends & family, so here presenting something refreshing, filling and to keep hydrated during celebration easy Banana Milkshake.  I did mention in my Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake post, summer is unbearable here in Singapore now itself, if staying at home it's hot yet bearable but if going out then we really feel the heat.  I have to travel between my different office location, data center and it makes my life more difficult.  So these days I have almost gave up on tea and rely mostly on juice or milkshakes.  I like banana milkshake off all the milkshake because it's hardly takes 5 minutes to prepare this and taste just fab & filling   Now a days I am having so much of ripen banana that I am making banana milkshake weekly 2-3 times and the fact that we can do lot of variations with this simple milkshake makes it more interesting.  Try these easy summer drink to breeze you days.

Easy Banana Milkshake Recipe

Ingredients  for Banana Milkshake 

[Serves -3]

Big Ripen Banana - 2
Chilled Milk - 3 Cups
Cinnamon Powder - 1/2 tsp [optional]
Sugar/Honey - To Taste [If needed, I didn't use]
Vanilla Ice cream - 2 Scoops [optional, I didn't use]
Ice Cubes - Few
Chopped Walnut - 2 tbsp [To Garnish]

Sugarfree Banana Milkshake Recipe


1. Peel and chop banana, add in a blender or mixer along with all other ingredients except walnut and blend until smooth or for 2 minutes.

Banana Milkshake Recipe

~ Adjust sweetness if required.

Pour in serving glass, garnish with chopped walnut & serve immediately.

Banana Milkshake Recipe


~ For garnish you can use chocolate sauce, chocolate Rice or anything that fancy you.
~ You can add any other fruit along with banana.
~ I didn't add sugar as the banana were very sweet, you may need to add according to your desire.
~ You can use cinnamon powder or vanilla extract to enhance flavor.
~ You can add a scope or two of your favorite ice cream to have creamy texture.

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Gobi 65 | Chilli Gobi | Indo-Chinese Recipes

Gobi 65 Chilli Gobi Recipe

We all love Indo-Chinese recipes and Gobi 65 or Chilli Gobi is no exception I guess unless you don't like cauliflower.  It makes a perfect snack or side dish with fried rice, noodles etc, I rarely make this and whenever I do, I never get a chance to click, it happens with most of my Indo-Chinese Recipes, we attack the food immediately that there's no time to take pictures and I end up with only step wise photos. I have few recipes like this in my draft God knows when the day will come I can use those step wise pictures!

Gobi 65 Chilli Gobi Recipe

Anyways back to this Gobi 65 recipe I made this during a weekday when me and DH both were working from home along with fried rice, again this time I almost missed to take this pictures as DH kept eating piece by pieces while I was taking pictures!!

Gobi 65 Chilli Gobi Recipe

Like most of the recipe Gobi 65 also come with few variations specially the South Indian way of making is little different from North India way.  This recipe is more towards the North Indian way of Gobi 65, to be more precise Khadakpur street style Indo-Chinese food.  Crunchy yet soft these Chilli Gobi makes a great party snack and I am posting this during Holi time so you can make this for your get-together.

Gobi 65 Chilli Gobi Recipe

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Ingredients for Gobi 65 (Chilli Gobi)

[Serves 2-3]

Cauliflower Florest - 2 Cups
Maida/All Purpose Flour - 1/4 Cup
Corn Flour - 3 tbsp + 1 tbsp
Cumin Powder - 1/2 tsp {Make your own Cumin Powder}
Coriander Seeds Powder - 1 tsp
Red Chilli Powder - 1 tsp
Chaat Masala - 1/2 tsp + to sprinkle
Ginger-Garlic Paste - 1/2 tsp
Cooking Soda - 1/4 tsp
Dark Soya Sauce - 1/2 tsp
Vinegar - 1/2 tsp or lemon juice - 1 tsp
Orange Food Color - A Pinch [optional]
Water - 1/2  Cup or as required
Salt - To Taste
Oil - To Deep Fry

Gobi 65 Chilli Gobi Recipe


1. Wash and cut cauliflower in florets, in a large bowl add maida, 3 tbsp corn flour, cumin powder, coriander powder, red chilli powder, chaat masala, ginger-garlic paste, salt, soda.
Gobi 65 Chilli Gobi Recipe

2. Add water (around 1/2 cup) and mix well without forming lumps to make batter (more of pakoda consistency).  Add vinegar and soya sauce, orange color and mix well.
Gobi 65 Chilli Gobi Recipe

3. Add cauliflower and mix well, keep aside for 10-15 minutes.
Gobi 65 Chilli Gobi Recipe

4. Add 1 tbsp of corn flour (this is to make it more crunchy) and mix well.  Check for spices, salt and adjust if required anything.

Gobi 65 Chilli Gobi Recipe

5. Heat oil in wok for deep frying and drop cauliflower pieces make sure not to make it over crowded to avoid it's getting stick with one another and fry until golden brown all sides, each batch takes 3-4 minutes to fry.
~ If pieces gets stuck with each other, separate it while frying with your ladle.
Gobi 65 Chilli Gobi Recipe

6. Drain in kitchen tissue, sprinkle chaat masala before serving.

Serve warm with sauce or ketchup or eat just like that.

Gobi 65 Chilli Gobi Recipe

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Holi Recipes | Holi Party Menu Recipes | Festival Recipes

Holi Dinner Menu Recipes
 Holi is here, great time for celebration, get-together, party so here I am consolidating list of sweets, desserts, beverages, snacks, dal, curry, paratha, rice etc recipes for you to plan your Holi lunch or dinner menu with ease instead of spending time on what to make rather spend the time on the actual cooking so you get more time to enjoy the festive to fullest.

Punjabi Chole Masala Powder Recipe

Punjabi Chole Masala Powder Recipe

As I mentioned in my kitchen king masala post I love badshah brand for masala over any other brand and this punjabi chole masala is inspired from same too.  My sister gave me a packet of Badshah Punjabi Chole Masala which I really liked it and decide to make on my own with the ingredients mention in the packet.  Since I make garam masala and other masala my proportions always works.  

Punjabi Chole Masala Powder Recipe

Badshah brand always use more spices then any other brand if you refer to the ingredients pack you can see and that's once reason there masala is always flavorful   Like any other recipe if you don't have a spice or two you can skip that though it's best to use all mentioned spices but don't let that one or two ingredients stop you from trying this.  One can use this chole masala as garam masala, it works great with almost everything and I do use this as garam masala too.

Punjabi Chole Masala Powder Recipe

Ingredients for Punjabi Chole Masala Powder

{Shelf Life 3-4 months}

Cumin Seeds/Jeera  - 2 tbsp
Caraway Seeds/ Shah-Jeera - 1 tbsp
Dry Red Chilli/Sukhi Lal Mirch - 5
Turmeric/Haldi - 1 pieces {or Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp}
Coriander Seeds/Dhaniya - 1 tbsp
Black Peppercorns/Kali Mirch - 1/2 tbsp
Cloves/Laung - 10
White Sesame Seeds/Safed Til - 1 tbsp
Green Cardamom/Hari Elachi - 10
Black Caardamom/Badi (Mooti) Elachi - 4
Dry Ginger/Saunth/Sukku - 2 pieces {I used  Ginger Powder - 1/2 tbsp}
Dry Mango Powder/Amchur - 1 tbsp
Cinnamon/Dalchini - 5 sticks 1" each
Bay Leaf/Tejpatta - 2
Star Anise/Chakri Phool - 1
Nutmeg/Jaiphal - a small pieces or 1/2 tsp grated/powder
Rock Salt/Kala Namak - 1/2 tbsp [Not listed in picture]


1. Dry roast all ingredients one by one (except any powder form spice) and allow to cool.
~ Keep a lid handy when roasting sesame seeds as it will starts to pop. Don't have to roast powder like mango/ginger/turmeric/rock salt etc
2. Cool all the ingredients and grind into smooth powder using mixer/coffee/spice grinder.  Sieve powder masala, cool and store in air tight container.

Our flavorful punjabi chole masala is ready.

Punjabi Chole Masala Powder Recipe

Have a nice day ~~

Eggless Savoury French Toast | Besan Toast

Eggless Savory French Toast Besan Toast Recipe

What to make for breakfast is big question for me always and most of the time it's batata poha ( and I made that again today) as DH likes that very much.  Since we don't make idli/dosa much or say it happens only once in blue moon, what to make breakfast always troubles me, of course there are many good North Indian recipe but it requires time and patience which I hardly have.  I wonder how my mom use to make roti/paratha/poori sabzi for breakfast I can hardly do that or even think about it.

Eggless Savory French Toast Besan Toast Recipe

The truth is I don't make breakfast every day, most of the time we eat out but when I do make breakfast I try look for simple and quick options. That's why I try few different things with bread like Open Rava Sandwich, Eggplant Curry Sandwich (you must try this), French Toast, Vegetable Sandwich (my personal favorite), Cheese & Veg SandwichBread-Jam etc as these recipes are delicious plus easy.

Eggless Savory French Toast Besan Toast Recipe

This savoury french (besan) toast or as known as Bombay Toast is best option if you don't eat egg (or even if you eat egg) and looks for quick yet delicious option for breakfast or snack.  It can be done in less than 10 minutes  making it good option for kids snack/tiffin box, you can also modify the recipe according to your taste and needs so go ahead and try it out.

Eggless Savory French Toast Besan Toast Recipe

Ingredients for Eggless Savory French (Besan) Toast 

[Makes 4 Toasts]
Bread - 4 [Use any variety]
Chickpeas Flour/Besan - 1/4 Cup
Rice Flour - 1 tbsp
Onion - 1 Medium [ 1/4 Cup Chopped]
Green Chilli - 1
Red Chilli Powder - 3/4 tsp
Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tsp
Chat Masala - 1/2 tsp
Garam Masala - 1/4 tsp
Cilantro - 1 tbsp [Chopped]
Salt - To Taste
Water - 1/4 Cup or little more
Oil - To Toast

Eggless Savory French Toast Besan Toast Recipe


1. Mix all ingredients expect oil & bread in a bowl without forming lumps, use a wire whisk or hand.
Eggless Savory French Toast Besan Toast Recipe

2. Dip bread in prepare batter both sides to coat well with batter.
Eggless Savory French Toast Besan Toast Recipe

3. Heat a pan/tawa drizzle little oil, place the bread pieces carefully and toast both sides until light golden brown, sprinkle little oil on sides of bread.  Repeat same for rest of bread pieces.
Eggless Savory French Toast Besan Toast Recipe

Serve warm with green chutney, sauce or anything else of your choice.

Eggless Savory French Toast Besan Toast Recipe

Variations ~
  • You can use 1/2 tsp of ginger-garlic paste.
  • You can skip garam masala and/or chat masala.
  • You can add little freshly crushed pepper.
  • You can add other vegetables like grated carrot, finely chopped capsicum etc.
Have a nice day ~~

Shahi Bhindi Recipe | Okra In Creamy Cashew Sauce

This Shahi Bhindi recipe is from my sister and it's one of her hit recipe.  It's a perfect recipe for any get-together or party, fried okra in creamy cashew sauce does wonder and never fails to impress people, it's finger licking good trust me when I say that.  Pair it with any paratha or poori and your simple meal can be a grand affair.

If you are bored of your usual paneer butter masala, Chole, Navratan Korma, Mix Vegetable Kurma etc then try this simple, quick and delicious shahi bhindi and wow your family, friends & guests.  Since Holi is approaching I thought it's right time to post this recipe which you can try for your Holi parties, also after posting my homemade kitchen king masala recipe lot of people asked me to post recipes using kitchen king, so this shahi bhindi is one of those recipes.  But incase you don't have kitchen king with you and you are not making one too then replace it with garam masala.

Ingredients for Shahi Bhindi 

[Serves 3-4]

Okra/Bhindi - 300 gms or 2 Cups
Onion - 2 Large
Tomato - 1 Large
Red Chilli Powder - 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tsp
Kitchen King Masala - 1 tsp {or garam masala 1 tsp}
Kasoori Methi - 1/2 tbsp
Salt - To Taste
Oil - 3 tbsp
Cumin Seeds/Jeera - 1 tsp
Ginger-Garlic Paste - 1/2 tbsp
Water - 1 Cup
Cilantro - 2 tbsp [chopped]

To Grind
Whole Cashew nuts - 15
White Sesame Seeds - 1 tbsp
Fennel Seeds - 1 tsp


1. Soak Cashew in little water for 15 minutes and grind together with sesame and fennel seeds into smooth paste, keep aside.

2. Wash bhindi/Okra pat dry well and cut both ends of okra, cut into 2" pieces.
3. Finely chop onion, tomato, cilantro.
4. In a pan heat 1 tbsp oil and fry okra until golden brown, keep aside.

5. In the same pan add remaining oil and add cumin seeds, allow to splutter.
6. Add onion and saute for a minute. Now add ginger-garlic paste, little salt and cook until onion becomes soft.
7. Add chilli, turmeric and kitchen king powder along with crushed kasoori methi, mix well and cook for a minute.

8. Add tomato, salt stir cover and cook until tomato gets mashed.

9. Add fried okra/bhindi and mix well to coat okra with masala. Add cashew paste.

10. Mix well and cook for 2 minutes.  Add 1 cup water, mix gently.

11. Adjust salt if required, keep flame to slow and simmer for 3-4 minutes or until oil will float on top.  Garnish with cilantro and off flame.

Serve warm with paratha/poori or pualo.

Notes ~

  • This Shahi Bhindi will get thicken fast so serve it warm or if using it later add little water and warm it again.  
  • You can replace kitchen king masala with garam masala.

Have a nice day ~~