Coconut Coriander Chutney Recipe (for Idli, Dosa)

Coconut Coriander Chutney Side dish for Idli-Dosa
I like coconut coriander chutney in all the coconut chutney I make, I simply love the flavors of coriander leaves in coconut chutney.  Simple and flavorful coconut cilantro chutney goes well with idli, dosa or even vada, bonda.  Like most of the recipe this simple chutney too has variations you can add mint leaves for added color and taste, adding a pinch of jaggery balance the flavors. Add garlic if you love your garlic and if you don't like skip the tamarind so you see there are plenty of options here.

Chettinad Karamani Kara Kuzhambu Recipe

Chettinad Karamani Kara Kuzhambu Recipe
I have already mentioned I like Chettinad food and whenever possible I try to make Chettinad recipes and most of the time end up doing the Chettinad Prawn or Fish Curry.  This time I wanted to do any veg recipe chettinad style and I had soaked lobia along so made this Karamani Kara Kuzhambu Chettinad style, it's just got few extra ingredients from regular kara kulambu.  Kara means spicy so it's kuzhambu is spicy as Chettinad food suppose to be.

Palak Khichdi Recipe

Palak Khichdi Recipe
Khichdi is great comfort food, I use to make khichdi for every Saturday lunch once but now a days I make this so rare, I have no idea why it's like that now.  Hot Khichdi+Ghee+Achar+Papad=Comfort food for me, it taste delicious and so satisfying.  We don't need a fancy meal to satisfy ourselves some time small thing makes big difference and khichdi is one such entity.  But then every one doesn't feel the same about khichdi, DH doesn't use to like khichdi but he likes the way I make and doesn't complain about eating it.  It's a great one pot meal and can be a good lunch box recipe too.

Onion Tomato Chutney Recipe (for Idli, Dosa)

Onion Tomato Chutney Recipe
Onion tomato chutney is one of easy and quick chutney recipe with very less ingredients and it taste fabulous.  There was a time when I use to make this lot or say 90% of time it will be onion tomato chutney for me and I  use to do plenty of variations but this is the basic recipe and it works just  perfect and guess what there's no coconut too. Spicy, tangy and sweet this chutney is perfect accompliment with idli, dosa.  Normally this chutney doesn't really require any tempering, it taste by itself very good so skip it if you wish too.

Chana Dal | Dal Recipes

Chana Dal Dal Recipes
Chana dal is one of my favorite dal specially on the day I am not in mood to cook a elaborated meal because with this chana dal a simple salad or even onion chunks or pickle goes perfectly plus this dal goes well with roti or rice. Channa dal is one of the dal variety made most in my parents home it's comes at number two after tuar dal.  As I said in most of my dal posts it's important ingredient in our diet, in a month minimum 25 days I prepare dal and mostly twice a day.

Drumstick Masala | Mulakkada Masala Recipe

Drumstick Masala Mulakkada Masala Recipe
I love Andhra cuisine as it's delicious and spicy just the way I like, I have always been surrounded with people whom belongs to Andhra so it's goes hand in hand for me to taste some very good and authentic Andhra food and this drumstick masala or mulakkada masala(kura) recipe is from Andhra.  My sister does this curry so well that it's always gets finished in no time, simple combination of ingredients makes this curry unbeatable so it's important to use good quality of chilli powder to make it spicy and to get nice red color, I used byadgi chilli powder.

Moong Dal Pakoda Recipe

Moong Dal Pakoda Recipe
Moong Dal Pakoda is one of the popular pakoda in Northern part, we can also call this moong dal vada or bada as it's made of dal and not besan (chickpeas flour).  Split green gram or chilka moong dal with onion and few more basic ingredients makes this delicious vadas.  Moong dal skin gives this vada/pakdoa crunchy outer layer, just how a pakoda should be.  It's also consume less time compare to other dal base vada or pakoda as soaking time is just 1 hour or even less for this pakores.

Vegetables Oats Upma | Oats Recipes

Vegetables Oats Upma Oats Recipes
Oats is something that took me a while to get used to it and that's the reason you don't see oats recipes in my blog.  Though it couple of years now I started to eat oats but I never managed to take pictures whenever I make oats dishes. Eating plain oats with milk and honey is just not my cup of tea I simply doesn't like that so I try different way to jazz up the oats so it's easy for me to not fuss a lot about it.  Apart from using it in milkshakes, I have few recipes that I make from oats some of which are way too easy and simple just the way I like it.

Punjabi Egg Masala | Anda Curry Recipe

Punjabi Egg Masala Anda Curry Recipe
I make more of egg burji which I never happen to post than egg curry simply cause it's quick, easy to make burji and more over I like DH version of egg and potato curry he makes it so good that nothing can beat it I simply love that curry and yes I want to post that for years now but then it's just doesn't happens. Coming back to this egg curry it's a Punjabi version loaded with spices, this curry is on spicy side and you may feel lot of masala so if you don't eat spicy food just adjust the spices accordingly but don't give a miss to this curry it taste delicious.

Lauki Pakoda | Dudhi Bhajiya | Bottlegourd Fritters

Lauki Pakoda Dudhi Bhajiya Bottlegourd FrittersLauki (bottle gourd) bhajiya is one of the popular pakoda in our home, since my dad don't eat potato so bottle gourd fritters gets featured a lot. As a kid I was not a very big fan of dudhi bhajiya we would remove the bottle gourd/dudhi pieces from pakoda and eat the only the outer skin so my mom has to always make potato pakodas for us.  It's strange that most of the things we use to dislike a kid start to be fond of it in our life later I have numerous things like that in my list and this lauki pakoda is one such item.  Now I don't remove the bottle gourd piece any more from the pakoda and in fact I like to eat this one.

Mango Sago Pudding Recipe | Mango Recipes

Mango Sago Pudding Recipe
Mango Sago is popular Singapore Dessert, one can find it in most of the food courts in dessert stalls. Mango Sago pudding is one of my favorite dessert after another popular green bean soup.  Mildly sweet, light with mango flavors it's a treat to eat.  I wanted to post this recipe for years now but somehow it just didn't happened until this time I decided to change my timing when I make this to click pictures.

Saayi Dal | Sindhi Chilka Moong Dal

Saayi Dal Sindhi Chilka Moong DalDal is staple food in our life I make dal almost everyday so I keep trying different variety and method of dal mostly to keep myself entertain as I get bored of routine very fast.  I have already blogged hara moong dal tadka recipe and chilka mung dal fry recipe too and this dal is similar to chilka moong dal fry but then this is a Sindhi recipe of mung dal, this dal has very simple flavor of cumin, garlic and it's also very light and mild to eat, for a spicy and little on heavy side of dal check the hara mung dal recipe.  

Strawberry Lemonade Recipe | Summer Drink Recipes

Strawberry Lemonade Recipe
Strawberry Lemonade is another easy drink recipe for summer and it's also perfect for any party or celebration since it's very colorful and attractive.  If you like lemonade then this is must try for anyone strawberry and lemon together is just mind blowing.  Now a days I am getting lot of strawberries batch after batch so for the new batch I tried this strawberry lemonade I was not expecting much but when I had the drink it was more than fabulous, every one liked it very much.  Though it started to rain here in Singapore but we always have high humidity and it may be raining in the morning by afternoon we have to face the heat again and that's why we call Singapore weather as crazy!

Beetroot Halwa Recipe

Beetroot Halwa RecipeBeetroot halwa is one of the delicious halwa, if you follow my blog you would know my love for beets I have quite a few beetroot recipes already blogged but beetroot halwa was missing for long time I wanted to post this but somehow it was not happening until this time when I made it I decide to take pictures.  Today special halwa is to celebrate 5 years of blogging of Indian Khana and trust me it's just like yesterday it all started.  Also this happens to be 450th post of this blog.

Punjabi Kala Chana Masala | Chole Recipe

Punjabi Kala Chana Masala Chole RecipeWho doesn't love chole or chana masala, though popular made of white chickpeas or kabuli chana another variety is to prepare from black chickpeas or kala chana.  There are ample of variety to try with chana and I never get bored of it.  Best thing about chana masala is it goes well with roti/paratha or steamed rice.   Punjabi's love their chole chawal or rajma chawal it's one of the best comfort food.  If you go to Delhi or Punjab the staple food everywhere you can see is rajma chalwa, chole chawal, chole batura and boy people simply love this.

Strawberry and Oats Milkshake Recipe | Summer Drink Recipes

Strawberry and Oats Milkshake Recipe
I prefer milkshake over juice if I am making it at home cause it's more filling, easy and quick.  Juices are also easy and quick but then straining and cleaning part takes little time. We get strawberry in Singapore around the year to relish.  This is one of my breakfast milkshake easy, quick and hassle free. Oats add good volume to the milkshake to make it filling, I do the same with apple, banana and few other fruits.