Onam Recipes | Onam Sadya Recipes 2013

Onam is Hindu festival celebrated in Kerala - western southern state of India though it's a festival celebrated by all in Kerala.  Onam normally falls on Malayalam month of Chingam (between Aug and Sep) and this year Onam falls on 16th September 2013.  Onam marks home coming of mythical king Mahabali and also consider as harvest festival.

Traditionally Onam is celebrated 10 days with various activity on each day and most popular things associated with Onam are grant Sadya, Boat race, pookalam and Onam Carnival.  Here I am listing few recipes related to Onam Sadya menu for other not celebrating Onam can still cook few dishes and get feel of Onam :)  Enjoy the festive, food and fun.

Wishing you all Very Onam/Vishnu.

Moong Dal Kheer Payasam Dates Payasam Semiya Payasam
Poha Kheer Sago Kheer Payasam Inippu Appam
Inji Puli Instant Mango Pickle Lemon Pickle
Uzhunnu Vada Lobia Vada Masala Vadai Parippu Vada
Clusterbeans Thoran Beans Thoran Broccoli Carrot Thoran
Mathanga Vanpayar Erissery Beetroot Pachadi Homemade Thaiyar Curd

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