Chana Dal Puri | Dal Puri Recipe | Dussehra Recipes

Chana Dal Puri | Dal Puri Recipe | Dussehra Recipes

Chana Dal Puri or Dal Puri (poori) is traditional, authentic Uttar Pradesh/Bihar recipe made during Dussehra/Dasara in our home. This is called Chana Dal Puri but it's actually made as stuffed paratha.  Chana dal poori made on Dussehra (Vijayadashami), Holi, wedding, during winter or on any auspicious occasion or celebration.   This is one of family's favorite dal puri made with minimal ingredients its very simple and taste delicious, during Dussehra chana dal puri is served with Bakheer another traditional recipe.

Chana dal puri made on 2nd day of wedding when the brides come home and to welcome her and guest dal puri, bakheer normally gets served.  In my home still whenever we go back dal puri is made always once or twice and specially on the last day.  As a kid I never used to like bakheer and even this dal puri, we used to remove all the stuffing and eat only the puri but now it's just opposite I like bakheer and this chana dal puri too, you can make this dal puri and serve with bakheer or normal kheer, seviyan, curd, pickle or try my favorite with tea best combination ever for me with any poori, paratha.


Boiled, mashed chana dal with minimal ingredients stuffed and roll as paratha and cooked and these parathas are normally very stuff and taste good from 2nd day on wards and stay fresh for almost a week during winter if handled properly. In summer this chana dal puri will stay fresh for 2-3 days at max depending on temperature but normally dal puri is not made in summer as chana dal causes heat in body which is bad during summers.

These chana dal puri I made last year during Dussehra and didn't get a chance to post, I also made bakheer but since I used white jaggery the result was not it suppose to be by look wise but it tasted great, anyways so this year am sharing chana dal puri with you all so you can prepare this for Dussehra or in winter and relish this simple yet delicious puri.

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Chana Dal Puri Recipe | Dussehra Recipes

Chana dal puri is traditional recipe made of mashed chana dal, spices during Dussehra or celebration.
Author: Category: Main Course Cuisine: Uttar Pradesh
Prep Time: Cook Time: Total Time:
Serves:15 to 18 Puri


    For Chana Dal Stuffing
  • 2 Cups - Chana Dal/Bengal gram Lentil
  • To Taste - Salt
  • 1/2 tsp - Turmeric Powder
  • 1/2 tbsp - Cumin Seeds
  • 8-10 - Dry Red Chili
    • For Dough
    • 4 Cups - Wheat Flour
    • 1 tsp - Salt
    • 2 tbsp + For cooking puri - Oil/Ghee
    • As Needed - Water (to knead dough)


    1. Soak chana dal for 15 minutes or even longer, you can soak dal over night too.  Wash well chana dal and pressure cook for 4 Whistles with salt to taste, turmeric powder and water just covering dal. Dal shouldn't get fully mashed you have to take care of that and add less water than you for normal dal cooking.
    2. Once pressure released, strain dal in a strainer and keep aside so all water gets drained (this is important if not stuffing will be messy), meanwhile we can work on other things.
    3. Chana-Dal-Puri-Dal-Puri-Recipe-Dussehra-Recipes
    4. In a pan or wok dry roast cumin seeds and dry red chilies until golden brown and aromatic, allow to cool and grind to fine powder.
    5. Chana-Dal-Puri-Dal-Puri-Recipe-Dussehra-Recipes
    6. Now add cooked dal and grind/pulse until smooth, do not add any water dal should be like wet powder consistency and not like paste.
    7. Chana-Dal-Puri-Dal-Puri-Recipe-Dussehra-Recipes
    8. Transfer everything in a plate or bowl and divide into equal portaions.
    9. Chana-Dal-Puri-Dal-Puri-Recipe-Dussehra-Recipes
    10. For dough in a bowl take flour, salt, 2 tbsp oil and mix well, add water in small quantity and make soft pitable dough, divide dough into equal portions of dal stuffing we have or around 15-18 portions.
    11. Chana-Dal-Puri-Dal-Puri-Recipe-Dussehra-Recipes
    12. Take one pieces of dough and make into smooth ball, flatten, dust with flour and roll into small puri or roti.  Keep one portion of stuffing in center and bring puri edges together to seal it well, pinch off if any excess dough.
    13. Chana-Dal-Puri-Dal-Puri-Recipe-Dussehra-Recipes
    14. Shape gently into ball again, flatten it, dust with flour and roll very gently into paratha. Do it with care so paratha doesn't get break leaving stuffing outside.  Repeat same for rest of dough and stuffing.
    15. Heat a tawa or pan and place paratha/puri cook in medium flame until bubbles starts to appear, turn puri and apply oil or ghee generously, flip puri to another side and apply oil or ghee again. Cook each side 1 minute in slow to medium flame or until both sides gets light brown patches. Repeat same for rest of puri.
    16. Chana-Dal-Puri-Dal-Puri-Recipe-Dussehra-Recipes

    Server hot, warm or even cold. This puri taste good next day and until a week too.

    Relish the authentic chana dal puri with dahi (curd), achar (pickle) and kheer.

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