Diwali Recipes | Diwali Dinner Menu | Deepavali Dinner Menu Ideas

Diwali Recipes | Diwali Dinner Menu | Deepavali Dinner Menu Ideas

Diwali Dinner Menu Recipes
Diwali/Deepavali dinner or diwali party/get-together is part of diwali celebration.  I am consolidating list of sweets, desserts, beverages, snacks, dal, curry, paratha, rice recipes for easy planning for Diwali party/dinner menu so you get diwali dinner ideas and plan ahead your menu to have ease when you prepare food cause for me what to make for Diwali dinner specially for guest is more time consuming task than actually cooking and if we have the menu planned then it does save lot of time, I am sure few of you agree on this with me.

Party on Diwali today or 2nd, 3rd day of Diwali or during Diwali weekend is very common specially people to host diwali party or get together with friends, family, neighbors afterall it's the time to meet people and have a good time.  Playing cards or games as it's one of the Diwali tradition that lot of people follow though in home or friends circles we never do this.  Anyways back to our Diwali dinner menu, plan your menu in advance and keep few options extra just in case in last moment you have a change of mind or something doesn't work as planned.

Diwali Dinner Menu Recipes

Items from each category depends on also how many guests you are hosting.
  • Choose recipes which is known and liked by most. I have listed most of the popular recipes.
  • Try to known if any of your guest has any food allergy and avoid that ingredients if possible unless you are catering for large group then for 1-2 people you don't have to change your menu.
  • For sweets, dessert and snacks pick things which can be done fast then going to traditional time consuming sweets recipes, well you can choose that if you have time in hand.
  • If having kids on guest list keep 2-3 items considering kids age group.
  • Select sweets and desserts which can be prepared 2-3 days before and you can keep in fridge.
  • Snacks or starters like tikki, cutlet can be prepared in 2-3 days advance and freeze. Cook before serving or on party day.
  • If you menu is long list of recipes then prepare 1-2 curry a day before or early morning unless you are fine with cooking a week before and freezing then you can follow that too. Personally I make everything on same day or just a day before few curry, sweets and snacks.
  • Prepare basic masala like jeera powder, ginger-garlic paste etc a week before and store.
  • You can also prepare Diwali sweets and snacks in large quantity in advance and share as return gifts with your guests.
  • Finish your work before party so you get time to get ready and enjoy the party rather being in kitchen all the time :)
**I have not listed Non-Veg recipes you can check non-veg recipes here.  And if you try any of the recipe do share a picture with me, email details at contact me page or send a message in facebook.

Have a fabulous Diwali celebration.

You can also check:

Sweets & Desserts Recipes (Mithai/Kheer/Halwa)

Diwali Dinner Menu Recipes
    ***Select one to 2 mithai (Sweet) one kheer/payasam or dessert and halwa is optional. 





Diwali Dinner Menu Recipes

***Select two or three snacks

Diwali Dinner Menu Recipes

***Select one or two drinks (Lemonade works great)

***Select one or two snacks

    Chaat | Indo-Chinese Recipes

  • Dahi Bhalla - Dahi Vada or urad dal dumplings soaked in curd and topped with chutney.
  • Ragda Patties - Popular Indian Chaat recipe made with dried peas and potato patties.
  • Dabeli - Popular street food with sweet, tangy and spicy flavors. 
  • Aloo 65 | Chili Aloo - Fried potatoes in Indo-Chinese style.
  • Gobi 65 | Chili Gobi - Fried cauliflower in Indo-Chinese style.
  • Gobi Manchurian - Popular dry cauliflower manchurian in Indo-Chinese style.

    Tikki (Cutlet)

    Pakoda | Vada (Bada)

Soup & Salads Recipes

Diwali Dinner Menu Recipes

***Select one soup (optional), one salad

Accompaniment Recipes (Raita, Chutney)

Diwali Dinner Menu Recipes

***Select one raita (optional), one or two chutney (green and sweet is good option)

Main Course Recipes (Paratha and Rice)

Diwali Dinner Menu Recipes

***Select paratha/poori, one or two rice variety


Side Dish Recipes (Sabzi, Dal)

Diwali Dinner Menu Recipes

***Select one or two dry curry (sabzi), two or three gravy curry (sabzi) and one dal (optional)

    Dry | Semi Dry Curry (Sabzi)

    Gravy | Curry (Sabzi)


Cookies, Cakes, Muffin and Cupcakes

Diwali Dinner Menu Recipes

***You can select one cookie, one tea cake or one muffin/cup cakes (optional)

Homemade Masala


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