Instant Rice Flour Dosa | Dosa Recipes

Instant Rice Flour Dosa | Dosa Recipes

Instant rice flour dosa or rice dosa is easy dosa recipe which we can make in jiffy with minimal ingredients for a quick breakfast, snack or dinner. I do this most of the time as it' really quick and taste yum too. Crispy, flaky rice flour dosa taste delicious with any chutney, sambar or even podi, this instant dosa is good option when you run out of ideas of what to make for breakfast.

I make this instant rice dosa, ragi dosa more as DH prefer this than the normal grinding rice, urad dal dosa and the dosa is very crispy helps too. You need to cook this dosa in medium to high flame and well to get is golden brown and crispy. While pouring always pour from outside to inside and we can't rotate this batter in circular motion like we do for normal dosa so just have to pour the batter. If you doing it for the 1st time don't worry after few trials you would get it perfect.


Enjoy the easy and quick rice dosa and that particular day I made peanuts and sesame chutney, other chutney you can also use with this dosa are:



Instant Rice Flour Dosa Recipe

Instant crispy dosa with rice flour for quick breakfast option.
Author: Category: Breakfast Cuisine: South Indian
Prep Time: Cook Time: Total Time:
Yields:5 to 6


  • 1 Cup - Rice Flour/Chawal Atta
  • 3 tbsp - Sooji/Rava/Semolina
  • 2 Cups - Water
  • 1 - Medium Onion
  • 2 - Green Chili
  • 1/2 tsp - Cumin Seeds
  • 1 tbsp - Chopped Coriander Leaves
  • 1 tbsp - Chopped Curry Leaves
  • To Taste - Salt
  • To Cook - Oil


  1. Finely chop onion, green chili, coriander and curry leaves , keep aside.
  2. In a wide bowl add rice flour, rava/sooji, salt mix well, add water in small quantity and make loose dropping consistency batter.
  3. Instant-rice-flour-dosa-recipe
  4. Add onion, chili, coriander and curry leaves, cumin seeds and mix well.
  5. Instant-rice-flour-dosa-recipe
  6. Heat a tawa or pan and drop one ladle or small bowl of batter from outside to inside in circular motion and another ladle inside to make circle or to fill the gaps. If you won't get perfect circle don't bother, drizzle oil in dosa corner and cook until sides becomes light brown. Flip dosa and cook for a minute in medium to high heat or until gets cooked, crispy.
  7. Repeat same for rest of batter and every time pouring dosa mix batter well or water will come on top.
  8. Instant-rice-flour-dosa-recipe
Serve hot or warm with chutney, sambar.

  • Rava/Sooji helps to make dosa crispy so try to add that.
  • Always pour from outer side to inside dosa instant dosa batter and try to make circular, don't overlap batter while pouring it will make dosa very thick and it won't be crispy.
  • Each time before making dosa mix the batter well.
  • If you making in large quantity then after a while you may need to add more water to get batter pouring consistency.
  • Cook in high to medium flame to get golden brown, crisp dosa.

Easy and quick dosa chutney and tea/coffee for a perfect breakfast..

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