Khara Khaja Recipe | How to make Khara Khaja | Diwali Recipes

Khara Khaja Recipe | How to make Khara Khaja | Diwali Recipes

Khara Khaja , Khara Khaaja or khaja is delicious snack recipe for Diwali, holi and it's popular in Jain household. This is also known as kadaknya or Kadakani in Maharashtra though made with little difference During Diwali Marwari family will make 3 types of khaja this plain ones, sweet and another one salty and I love all the 3 types of khaja. This Khaja is not the regular sweet khaja that is very famous but it's typie marwari style khaja recipe made with minimal ingredients which makes wonderful tea time snack or have it with aam ka aachar (pickle) and you will love it for sure too.

I wanted to post this recipe for Diwali for a very very long time but I wanted to master the art of making perfect white khaja which are flaky. Refer to notes too just to make sure you are reading it carefully how to it perfect flaky, white khaja. Then there are variety of khaja in savory version my sister told me so many variations to try but I am yet to try any! But for a start I am sharing what I love the most in khaja.


If you don't get the khaja right at first time don't be dis-hearten with practice we can master this art too. Not that I am saying it's very complicated so ya go ahead and try something different for this Diwali for you and family.


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Khara Khaja Recipe

Crunchy, plain khara khaja or fried mathi for festival.
Author: Category: Sweets/Desserts Cuisine: Rajasthani
Prep Time: Cook Time: Total Time:
Yields:40-42 pieces


  • 1 Cup - Maida/Plain Flour
  • 2 tbsp - Ghee or Hot Oil
  • 1/4 Cup or as needed - Warm Water
  • For Frying - Oil


  1. in a wide bowl take flour, add ghee or hot oil and mix well, add water in small quantity and make stiff dough same like we make for poori, cover with a damp cloth and keep aside 10 mins if possible.
  2. Khara-Khaja-Recipe
  3. Knead dough again for 2-3 minutes to make it soft and make big gooseberry size balls with dough, roll into thin roti/chapathi (make sure to roll very thin).
  4. Use cookie cutter or any bowl, glass to cut into circles in medium or large size like done in picture. Carefully take out the circles, prick them on both sides with a fork.
  5. Collect the remaining dough mix with remaining dough and follow the steps until everything is rolled out and make into thin khaja. Lay in single line in newspaper or cloth while you are preparing all khaja.
  6. Khara-Khaja-Recipe
  7. Heat oil in kadai or wok for deep frying, once oil is hot add 5-6 khaja pieces in oil and cook in medium flame, keep stiring the khaja to avoid it getting brown color. Khaja will get cook fast as we roll it very thin and that's the trick to get the white color.
  8. Khara-Khaja-Recipe
  9. Drain in paper towel & repeat same for rest of dough. Allow to cool completely, store in air tight container.

If stored in air tight containers, use within 2-3 weeks. Goes well with hot tea or pickle.

  • We don't add salt or any seasoning in dough so keep it that way.
  • Make sure to roll roti very thin so it gets cooked very fast which will help in retaining the white color of khaja
  • For vegan version instead of ghee use oil in dough.

It's plain but still super yummy, enjoy as tea time snack or as festival special.


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  1. Why salt or sugar is not used in this?

    1. Cause this is not sweet version. Add sugar or jaggery instead of salt for sweet khaja or mathri


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