Murukku Recipes | Easy Murukku (Chakli) Recipes for Diwali

Murukku Recipes | Easy Murukku (Chakli) Recipes for Diwali

Easy Murukku (Chakli) recipe, Murukulu collection which you can make in jiffy for Diwali/Deepavali without much hassle. Murukku is a savoury, crunchy deep fried snack made with mainly rice flour with lot of variations like using atta (wheat flour), maida (plain flour) besan (chickpeas flour), coconut, Dals, spices and also made in different shape, design. Now people also bake murukku instead of frying. Also known as Chakli, chakuli, chakralu, jantikalu etc here am adding all my murukku recipes which I have posted so far into once place so you can choose and make easily what you like.

Not only in Diwali but when ever I go to India too I will make murukku along with other snacks and sweets. Meanwhile I am posting easy murukku or chakli recipe suitable to make during this Diwali/Deepavali and your diwali sweet list gets longer in easy and faster way.You can make these easy Murukulu recipe not only during Diwali but for any festival, party or even for kids snacks box. So enjoy Diwali and these murukku. You can also check the Burfi recipes collection here.


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Easy Diwali Murukku (Chakli) Recipes

Popular Butter Murukku. Crunchy yet soft is super delicious to eat.


Easy, quick Kara Mully Murukku added spice to make murukku more intertesting and take next level.


Moong Dal Murukku, or Pasi Paruppu Murukku is crunchy murukulu with moong dal flavor. This one is very tasty and yet easy to prepare.


Vegan, gluten-free Besan Murukku made with besan and not used any ricce flour, this murukku is crunchy and different. Try this healthy, nutritious this diwali and everyone will love it.

Besan Murukku

Garlic Murukku, crunchy murukku with garlic flavor, if you like garlic then you have to try this.


Potato Murukku it's super easy made with boiled potato. Good change from normal murukku.


Pepper Murukku with pepper flavor, if you like spicy food then try this pepper murukku, along with cup of tea of coffee it makes great snack.


Mullu Murukku most classic murukku is mullu murukku it's super easy with minimal ingredients.


Ribbob Murukku or ribbon pakoda is another easy murukku variety and it's super crunchy.


Ringh Murukku or Chegodilu is perfect murukku recipe if you don't have murukku press/machine, this is shaped with hand and taste very delicious, must try for Diwali.


Enjoy this delicious murukku and Deepavali.

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