Festive Food ~ His Cooking Event Roundup Part III

I'm back with Festive Food~His Cooking Event roundup part III and yes it's the last part after Roundup Part I and Part IIThank You all for taking part in this event and sending your entries.  It was a great pleasure hosting this special and unique event and I got very good response with amazing feed back ...it's my pleasure to know that most of you enjoyed this event to fullest ;)....without much delay let's just straight jump to the roundup and have a look at the delicious entries.

I have tried my best to include all the entries, in case I have missed out any kindly do let me know.

And here is the entry that I missed in the roundup,  my apologies Anu.

Here is easy, yummy, colourful and delicious Thattai Delight from Anu of Chandrabhaga and this one is her hubby recipe which he enjoyed during his school days ...let's us enjoy this now too :)

Let's kick start the roundup with rich and yummy looking Peas-Carrots-Paneer Curry in Creamy Sauce which is Priya of Mharo Rajasthan's Recipe husband's favorite recipe and also we have one more lip smacking Bharwa Shimla Mirch recipe ... now I know why these recipes are favorite.. :)

Next is Swathi of Zesty South Indian Kitchen Egg Bhurji from him, with interesting touch of spinach just go straight to her blog to know what else her hubby can cook and how this recipe came up ;)

Padhu from Welcome to padhuskitchen sharing with us this cute Potato Sandwich Recipe and her place Sunday evening snack is His department :), we should take a lesson or two from her ;)

Jagruti of Joy of Cooking is sharing with us Crispy potato Bhajiya which came as surprise cooking for him along with their son, since that wonderful?  Also we have Banana Brulee
 to relish.

Next up is Neeta of Neeta's Healthy Plate entry Pappadum Samosas and Green Smoothie now there are few gud things about this entry, 1st this is Neeta's first entry for any event and also she is sharing Trevor pic with us isn't that cool.. and samosa with pappad? How nice is that..you really got to checkout her post ...

Tanmaya from Chamchameet is sharing delicious Egg Roll and Anda Bhurji and she says he is pro in cooking and make these dishes just superb..how blessed our dear lady is :)

Delicious and simple Pumpkin Kootu & Jeera Rasam is from Jaishree of Ruchi, so glad to have a entry from her ...

Kanchan of Kitchen Gossip is sharing tempting us with Dudhi Fritters and she says her hubby is better cook than her..ahh that's so sweet :)

Sangeetha from Sangi's Food World enjoyed a wonderful combo of Chapathi with karamani keerai kuruma as Sat'day dinner thanks to her hubby :)

Gayathri from Gayathriraj-Heaven On Spoon sent us Dosa with Onion Chutney which was a special surprise for her on her birthday along with other great surprises...wow that's wonderful...I better show her post to my DH for some H I N T S !!

Garlic Dal is Madhvi of Vegetarian Medley husband favorite dish to make and this comes as surprise to her, we all love these kind of surprises :-).

Denny from Oh Taste n See is sharing Ennai Kathirikkai Fry which her hubby made after much of pestering, threatening and pleading from her ;) and according to her he makes this very yummy ....

Next up is Kiran of SUMADHURA wonderful & yummy entries Ivy Gourd StirFry, Simple Okra StirFry, Simple Sooji Upma and Cabbage Tomato Curry made by her husband and also we have her brother cooking Beets and Mixed Vegetable Curry making way to our little event. 

And here comes my entries for the event Tehri~Vegetable Biryani, one of the dish which he makes so perfect and I can never get it like he does and sharing his Palak Saag and Peas Fried Rice.

Thank U again ladies (and also their husband, brother, son, daughter,dad) for taking part in this event and making it happening.


  1. so here comes my entry ;) ..Lovely round up Priti.. its quite a hardwork here !

  2. lovely read..all the entries are superb..

  3. Very cute event and great round up!
    I missed it, you know the reason.
    waiting for next event!

  4. My hubby wont cook for me...or else might have sent to u for this event

  5. Great Job Priti..looking fwd for similar events ;-)

  6. Nice round up priti, u have done a good job and glad to know that u had a happy hosting .

  7. Some great entries. I am sorry I missed it as Mr J. is a brilliant cook!

  8. @All ...thank you gals :)

    @Kanchan ..yes at last ;) ..thanks for your appreciation dear ...

    @Nive ..no prob dear...next time perhaps ...

    @Priya Dharsini...you really have to show him all the round up parts for inspiration ;)

    @Hamaree...may b next time dear

    @Yup Nithu....do expect it ...

    @Mina...oh how nice is that ...no prob ...next time I shall bug u for sure ;)

  9. Great round up priti, some great recipes!! Congratulations for the success of this event :))

  10. What a lovely roundup dear, love it :)


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