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I started to prepare home made curd after coming to Singapore since my sister and bil eat curd daily, I also learnt how to set curd properly from my bro-in-law, curd he sets are just too perfect.  So after my few trial and error I began to set curd properly which would be pass my bil standards.

In my parents or In-laws place curd is not set every day in fact in my in-laws place they don't set curd they buy mahi (buttermilk) if required to make any recipe.  When I visit my in-law place I will set curd and I have become popular one, setting up the perfect curd/dahi.  My in-laws love curd made by me when they are here that whenever I go back I have this duty.

Setting a liter or two liters of curd is different story but when you have to do this in huge amount say 12 to 15 liter then it's all together different game.  Last year I did this massive cooking for various function, one of which was to make curd from 15 liters milk and next for 12 liters, when I first heard it I was like how am suppose to do that and how will I know how much starter curd to use but I did manage and made just so perfect curd that when it went to the Halwai (cater) he asked from where the curd was purchased and aftermath it's big story let's not go, it will be more like I am going ga-ga over myself !

If you haven't started making your own curd/yogurt then you should try it as it's  fresh, healthy and of course economical.

Ingredients for Homemade Curd (Yogurt - Dahi)

Milk - 500 ml
Curd - 1 tbsp (as starter/jamun)


1. Bring milk to good boil and set aside to cool.  Milk should be cool up to lukewarm temperature not hot or completely cold.  If you let the milk gets cold completely then the curd will not be set properly.  If the milk gets cold then heat again for 30 seconds in microwave or 1 minute in gas stove.

~ You can set curd in the same vessel you boiled milk or transfer milk to another bowl.

2. Add 1 tbsp of curd in milk and stir well to mix for around 1-2 minutes.  This is important step, starter curd to be mixed properly.

3. Cover the bowl and keep aside over night or for 6-8 hours in warm places for curd to set or around 12 hours in cold places.  Number of hours to set curd depends on your weather conditions and temperature.   Some times it takes around 24 hours to set curd too.

Our Curd/Yogurt/Dahi is ready, always keep in refrigerator if not curd will become sour.

~~ Note
  • You can heat microwave for 30 seconds and then keep bowl in microwave for curd to set.
  • Never disturb the curd while it's setting so no peak-a-boo please.
  • If the curd is not set after 8 hours or over night keep it aside without disturbing, it will be set, the duration may vary so check in every few hours. 
  • Few of possible cause for curd not to set properly
    • Milk was cold or hot while mixing curd (starter/jamun)
    • The curd you used for setting was not good or spoiled
    • You used little curd as starter
    • Weather conditions/temperature
  • In winter keep milk little hotter than lukewarm while mixing starter curd.  You can also keep milk in microwave/oven with light on for warmth.
  • If your starter curd is very sour then you new batch of curd will be sour too.  In this case you use 1-2 tsp of sour curd to set. 
  • I normally test milk temperature with my clean finger. 
  • If you are setting curd for first time try with small batch.  
  • Some people use green/red chilli to set curd along with curd(starter) or even without.  I personally never tried that.
Here is how most of the North Indian like to eat curd with sugar :) 

Have a nice day ~~


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing the method to prepare yogurt.

  2. Nice Post Priti,Can't spend a day without curd:)

  3. Simple and informative post..very essential in Indian kitchen

  4. The curd looks perfect. It takes a bit of an effort to get it right in the winter but once you get the knack - you never enjoy ready made yoghurt.


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