12 Easy Soup Recipes for Ramadan | Ramadan Recipes

10 filling and nutritious Soup recipes to try during Ramadan. It's now just 2 weeks to start holy month of Ramadan from 29th June 2014 here, in India Ramadan will mostly start from 29th June 2014 as always it's gets behind by a day. Last year I posted collection of recipes for Ramadan and it was a huge list to include everything, then itself I decided that next year I will do this in segments as it's faster to load and easy to access and more over as one of my friend was teasing last year Ramadan collection was like a mini recipe index :)

Coming back to soups, You can try this soups for Sehri (suhoor) and/or Iftaar. It's great and healthy to have soup as starter during Iftaar or immediately after breaking fast instead of having snacks one can try this filling soups too as most of the people I know like to have pakode, bhajiya :). These soups are filling so try different soups this Ramadan for your family and friends.

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