It's raining awards

It's raining awards

It's been hardly a month since I have started blogging and visiting others blogs & now I guess am hooked to it. When I use to visit all the lovely blogs and the award they use to get, it made me wonder what is this award for and why,how they get. But I kept my curiosity with myself and didn't ask anyone thinking it may be so naive to ask that !!

I have received my first award from Priyanka....A big Bear HUG...I was so thrilled...wow so fast one award...I'm still thrilled over this fact.

Dear Vani and Rekha has passed me 'Blogging with Purpose' award. Thanks a lot ...

Sweet Vani has passed me this wonderful sweet thing call 'Friendship Award'. Thanks for considering me your friend.

And I want this to pass to...All the people who visit my blog and leave the lovely comments...being appreciates for your work really gives nice feeling...So whomever visit my blog...the award is for 'U'.