Sama Ke Mungfali Chawal | Kuthiravali Peanut Rice | Navratri Vrat Recipes

Falahari Sama Ke Mungfali Chawal , Samvat mungfali chawal or Swang Fali Ke Chawal, Kuthiravali Peanut Rice, Kuthiravali verkadalai sadam, falahari peanut rice is made from sama chawal also known in English as Barnyard Millets, Kuthiravali in Tamil, Udalu in Telugu, Shyama in Bengali, Khira in Oriya, Swank in Punjabi, Kavadapullu in Malayalam, Oodalu in Kannada plus other names for Samwat chawal are bhagar, varai chawal, vari chawal,saanwa, saunfiya, samkiye, swang, samvat.

Raw Banana Chips | Kele ka Chips | Vazhakkai Chips | Navratri Vrat Recipes

Homemade Raw Banana Chips, Kachche Kele Ke Chips, Vazhakkai chips also known as Kerala Banana Chips is super easy chips to make at home, easier than potato chips and it's very quick too. Kela chips is also good for Navratri fasting or vrat as raw banana is allowed in fasting so it's great option for snack. Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee or serve as a side dish with bisi bela bath, sambar sadam, puliyogare etc too it's works wonderfully.

Falahari Khatta Meetha Kaddu | Sweet Sour Pumpkin | Navratri Vrat Recipes

Phalahari Khatta Meetha Kaddu (Kumar), Sweet and Sour Pumpkin, vrat ke kaddu sabzi, petha ki sabzi is easy, slightly sweet, sour and spicy pumpkin dry curry suitable for Navratri fasting or vrat. Made with only minimal ingredients this sabzi iw very quick to make and goes well with singhara poori, rajgira paratha or cheela or even with sama pulao, even if you are not fasting you can make this pumpkin side dish to pair with roti or paratha.

Falahari Rajgira Paratha | Rajgira Thepla | Navratri Vrat Recieps

Phalahari Rajgira Paratha or Rajgira Ka Thepla is easy rajgira atta recipe suitable for fasting/vrat. Normally for singhara, kuttu and rajgira paratha, puri is made with potato using as binding agent but here I didn't use any potato so all those people like to avoid potato this is great recipe for upvaas as most of the vrat recipes revolves around potato :) This parathas are tasty and it taste yum even if cold so you can even make this for lunch box if you or family member working during upvaas.

Falahari Tamatar Dhaniya Chutney | Vrat ki Hari Chutney | Navratri Vrat Recipes

Phalahari Chutney,no cook green chutney with tomato and coriander leaves, vrat ki hari chutney, tamatar dhaniya falahari chutney is easy and simple chutney made with fresh tomato, coriander leaves and spiced with green chilies. This is one of my favorite chutney and I have posted which is not satvik chutney version so here I am posting today falahari or satvik chutney for vrat or upvaas, this is one chatni that can be serve with almost everything whether you are fasting or not.

Phool Makhane Ki Kheer | Makhana Kheer Recipe | Navratri Vrat Recipes

Makhane Ki Kheer or Falahari Phool Makhana Kheer is easy, delicious kheer recipe suitable for fasting or navratri vrat or any upvaas for that matter. One of the most famous recipe of phool makhana (foxnut or puffed lotus seed) is this kheer which is quite easy to cook and taste yum whether it's served hot, warm or cold just like any more kheer. If you look for something very easy, quick and healthy then this makhana kheer is perfect wheather you make this for fasting/vrat, Naivedyam for just like that it's wonderful.

Vrat Ka Uttapam | Samvat Sabudana Uttapam | Navratri Vrat Recipes

Sama Ke Chawal Ka Uttapam, Samvat Sabudana Ka Uttapam or Swang ke Chawal Ka Uttapam, Vrat Ke Uttapam, Falahari Uttapam is made from sama chawal also known in English as Barnyard Millets, Kuthiravali in Tamil, Udalu in Telugu, Shyama in Bengali, Khira in Oriya, Swank in Punjabi, Kavadapullu in Malayalam, Oodalu in Kannada plus other names for Samwat chawal are saanwa , saunfiya, samkiye, swang, samvat. As only sama rice is allowed in Navratri fasting (satvik food) this uttapam is made from swang chalwa and sabudana (sago/javarisi) so it's vegan, gluten-free and healthy recipe same as the idli,dosa I posted before as I used the same batter to make this uttapam.

Navratri Recipes | South Indian Navaratri Recipes 2017

Navratri is starting from 21st Sep 2017 to 29th Sep 2017 this year, Navratri festival celebrated across India in different forms and Durga Puja, dandiya & garba and kolu/golu (array of Idols) is famous among navratri customs. In North India during Navratri fast is observe with some very strict rules to follow and again the rules changes from house to house or region to region. Like in my place the rules are very strict. And in South India specially in Tamil Nadu Kolu or Golu as we call it is special for Navaratri where array of Idols is being arranged and some people do the arragements theme base too. It's so much fun to go and visit golu and eat all the yummy prasadam, I used to visit golu in my childhood at neighbours places and my friend's house, I really miss so much of those now.

Navratri Fasting Food, Rules, Procedure | Navratri Vrat Ka Khana | Navratri Recipes 2017

As Navratri is starting from 21st Sep 2017 to 29th Sep 2017 this year, Navratri festival celebrated across India in different forms and Durga pooja, dandiya & garba and kolu/golu (array of Idols) is famous among navratri customs. Nav means nine so it's 9 days of celebration and worship of Durga (Shaki/Devi) in different avatars and the 10th day is celebrated as Vijayadashami/Dussehra. I am compiling here for easy access of vrat or fasting recipes and general rules. Navratri Fasting (Vrat/Upwas) recipes or Navratri fasting food (vrat ka khana) and fasting rules or guidelines (Navratri Vrat Vidhi),

Dussehra Recipes | Dasara Recipes | Dussehra Sweets, Snacks Recipes

Dussehra or Vijayadashami also known as Dashahara, Dashera, Dussera, Dashain is one of the most important Hindu festivals As the name suggests Vijayadashmi or Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day of the month of Ashwin according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar which corresponds to September or October and this year Dussehra falls on 4th Oct 2014.  Dussehra is celebrated on the 10th day of Navratri to mark triumph of good over evil.   Lord Rama's victory over the ten-headed demon king Ravana.

Sama Ke Chawal Ki Idli Dosa | Vrat Ki Idli Dosa | Navratri Vrat Recipes

Sama Ke Chawal Ki Idli, Dosa or Samvat ki Idli also known in english as Barnyard Millets, Kuthiravali in Tamil, Udalu in Telugu, Shyama in Bengali, Khira in Oriya, Swank in Punjabi, Kavadapullu in Malayalam, Oodalu in Kannada plus other names for Samwat chawals are bhagar,samo, saanwa , samak, saunfiya, samkiye, vari chawal, varai.  As only sama rice is allowed in Navratri fasting this idli is made from sanwa chalwa and sabudana (sago/javarisi) so it's vegan, gluten-free and healthy idli, dosa recipe.

Roasted Phool Makhana (Fox Nuts) Recipe | Spicy Puffed Lotus Seeds | Navratri Vrat Recipes

Roasted Phool Makhana, Spicy roasted foxnuts or spicy roasted puffed lotus seeds are easy, healthy, guilt-free snack for Navratri fasting or just for any day. If you look for something very easy, quick and healthy then this roasted makhana fits your bill perfectly. Easy time-time snack roasted lotus seeds are crunchy and tasty snacks to munch on and trust me it's difficult to stop at few.

Sprouted Green Gram Sundal | Paasi Payaru Sundal | Navratri Sundal Recipes

Green Gram Sprouts Sundal, Green Moong Sprouts Sundal, Sprouted Bean Sundal, Paasi Payaru Sundal and with many other names is this healthy, easy and super quick sundal recipe perfect for Navratri Naivedyam and snack. If you look for something different than the usual sundal recipes than this sprouts sundal can be great relief plus it's vegan, healthy what more to ask for?

Samvat Pulao | Vrat Ke Chalwa Ka Pulao | Kuthiravali Pualo | Navratri Vrat Recipes

Samvat Pulao, Sama Pulao, Vrat Ke Chawal Ke Pulao, Phalahari Pulao, Bhagar Pulao,Barnyard Millets Pulao, Kuthiravali pulao and we can call this pulao with many other names. As Navratri is approaching I decided to share some Navratri Fasting (vrat) recipes and starting the series this year with this delicious yet simple Sama Chalwa Ke Pulao. Sama Chawal is Kuthiravali in tamil, Udalu in telgu, to know more about this wonderful millet check out my millet post.

Mixed Millets Flour (Powder) | Sathu Maavu Recipe | Energy Mix Powder | Millets Recipes

Mixed Millets Flour, multi millets powder, healthy mix powder, millets energy powder or sathu maavu whatever we call it this is one amazing recipe with different types of millets to make one energy mix powder or sathu maavu as it's mostly known as. This is very easy recipe just take millets of choice and grind to make powder or flour.

Millets - Types of Millets, Benefits, Nutrition Information

Millets - Millets or Siruthaniyam varieties are all about today post. I use millets for a long time though not all the millets that I am going to talk about today but 3-4 millets are very regular and I always keep stock, about that I will talk later in that post. Millets are not very popular other than Bajra, Jowar and Ragi and in all the millets Bajra (Pearl Millet) is most popular. Now a days millets are again gaining it's movement and people bringing more aware of it and today we going to learn about few millets which we can include in our diet, there are plenty of other millets too which hopefully I can cover some time soon.

Masala Tofu Bhurji | Soya Paneer Bhurji | Scrambled Tofu Recipe

Masala Tofu Bhurji or tofu scramble also called as soy (soya) paneer bhurji is vegan, gluten-free and spiced scrambled, works perfect side dish for bread, toast, pav, roti, paratha, variety rice or even dosa. Tofu is healthy alternative for paneer which is low in fat and high in protein and this tofu bhurji is vegan version of popular paneer bhurji or egg bhurji. Tofu works as great substitute for vegan people.

Aloo Sabzi | Potato Curry | Aloo Tari Recipe

Aloo Sabzi, Alu sabzi, batata bhaji or potato curry as there are many names it's also made in various method, potato is one vegetable that get's paried along any other vegetables beautifully and also there are ample of way to make potato curry. I have posted few myself with potato dry curry, gravy and what not. My personally favorite for gravy type potato curry is Aloo Tari with or without matar (peas) and aloo fry (poriyal) in dry type.

Naan Recipe without Yeast | Naan on Stove Top Recipe

Naan without yeast or naan on stove top (no oven) is an easy naan recipe that can be made at home without hassle. Naan is sure the most popular Indian flat bread over the world, Indian food or recipes means Naan name will be highlighted, made with plain flour (maida) naan is flat bread that can be serve with any curry whether it's vegetarian or non-vegetarian naan makes a perfect combination with anything.

Kusum Bhaji Saag Recipe | Safflower Leaves Stir fry

Kusum Bhaji Saag or Safflower leaves as known in english, Karadai in Marathi, also known as Kusumbo, Kusumbar bhaji, I don't know what's tamil name for Kusum bhaji. This leaves are more popualr in Central India and specially in Chhattisgarh from where I learnt about Kusum or Safflower leaves. I have heard lot of times of Kusum bhaji at my in-laws places from the time of my marriage but happen to taste and see kusum bhaji for the first time last year.

Mysore Masala Dosa | Mini Mysore Masala Dosa Recipe

Mysore Masala Dosa or mini mysore masala dosa as this one is popular breakfast recipe, popular in Bangalore and mysore. Main difference between regular masala dosa and mysore masala dosa is in Mysore masala red chutney is used and it's crispy from outside and soft inside and of course delicious as it's served in mysore, though it's very popular as breakfast, it's also good tiffin or dinner option.

Avarakkai Sambar Recipe | Broad Beans Sambar Recipe

Avarakkai Sambar or broad beans sambar is easy sambar recipe where avaraikai is used and normal sambar procedure followed. If you like broad beans or semphalli then you will like this sambar too. Goes perfectly with rice and we don't really required any side dish just fryums or papad makes comforting lunch or we can pair along simple potato fry, okra fry etc.