Aloo Gobi (Gobhi) Paratha | Paratha Recipes

Aloo Gobi (Gobhi) Paratha is combination of popular aloo and gobi paratha together. Mashed potato with cauliflower and spices together makes this delicious paratha for breakfast, lunch, dinner, lunch box, picnic etc. If you like aloo paratha then you will like this one too with added goodness of gobi (cauliflower) and spices to make spicy and yummy stuffing.

Kaddu (Kumdra) Sabzi | Pumpkin Curry Recipe

Pumpkin Curry or Kumdra Sabzi or Kaddu Sabzi is easy, quick and delicious pumpkin curry which can be pair along plain rice or roti, paratha anything of choice perfectly. I have already posted dry pumpkin curry recipe which is little different from recipe as this is my SIL recipe and that was mine. You can make the same curry dry too just don't add water and it still can be pair along rice.

Vegetable Manchurian Gravy Recipe | Veg Manchurian | Indo-Chinese Recipes

Vegetable Manchurian or Veg Manchurian is an popular Indo-Chinese recipe which most of us do like along with a bowl or fried rice or noodles. For those whom haven't tried making veg manchurian at home think it's very difficult and complicated recipe I used to be among them too until I tried it and from then there's no looking back but like most of the Indo-Chinese recipe this veg manchurian was also not able to make to blog as I normally make these things for dinner.

Shahi Murgh | Shahi Chicken | Chicken Curry Recipes

Shahi Chicken or Shahi Murgh is easy chicken curry made with mild spices and cooked in creamy almond, cashew paste. If you don't like spicy chicken dishes then this curry is wonderful choice. Unlike other chicken curry this shahi murgh is minimal spicy and taste little sweet and sour due to curd, almonds, coconut, cashews etc. You can also add some fresh cream towards the end of cooking but generally I don't add cream.

Baby Corn Biryani | Baby Corn Recipes

Baby corn Biryani is easy, flavorful and delicious biryani recipe, if you like one pot meal then then you will like this one too. Baby corn flavored with coconut milk made this biryani more yummy with mild flavors. This recipe is also works great for lunch box when you want to make something good yet simple and easy then try this biryani, pair it with raita or just curd for a comfort meal or to make it grand pair it along side dish like paneer butter masala, bagara baingan, kashmiri chicken masala, prawn masala etc.

Matar Dal (Matar Nimona) | Green Peas Dal | Dal Recipes

Matar Ki Dal or Peas Dal or matar nimona as unknown in Uttar Pradesh dal made with fresh peas and normally no lentil is used in this dal recipe. Matar Dal is popular recipe from Uttar Pradesh and it's a must during peas season in our home, in fact everyday matar ki dal is made in our home as my dad love this dal. Matar dal is something very different and delicious compare to any other dal, the texture, flavors and taste is awesome if made properly.

Sahjan Bhaji Toor Dal Sabzi | Drumstick Leaves Bhaji Recipe

Sahjan Bhaji Toor Dal Sabzi or Drumstick Leaves Split Pigeon Peas Curry or we can also say it's Murungakkai Keerai Kootu though it's drier than normal kootu. This bhaji recipe I learnt from my MIL and normally from drumstick leaves this what is made like I mentioned in my drumstick leaves adai, drumstick leaves rasam posts this is the recipe I was talking about. This recipe is really easy and taste delicious.

Carrot Beans Poriyal Recipe | Carrot Beans Stirfry

Carrot Beans Poriyal or also known as thoran, stir fry is one of easy side dish recipe which we can make in jiffy and it goes well with rasam, sambar or even any dal tadka/fry. Among all the poriyal carrot beans poriyal must be the most famous one and we can find the same in almost every hotel serving South Indian Meal, in marriages etc. If you want something easy and quick then this poriyal or stir fry is one of the best option.