Eggplant Curry Sandwich | Leftover Magic

Eggplant Curry Sandwich | Leftover Magic

Remember my Eggplant and Tomato Curry Recipe?  With the leftover curry I got this idea of making sandwich for breakfast and it was just too good, DH simply loved it.   It’s so simple, easy to do and takes less than 10 minutes with just 3 ingredients, it doesn't really get better than this.  No one can make out the stuffing is eggplant, if you have anyone doesn't like brinjal then this is a good way to add brinjal in their diet.  A great way to use your leftover curry in a form of new dish, perfect for breakfast, snack or even for lunch box.  You can use any other leftover curry of your choice just make sure you are not selecting something which has lot of gravy, a semi-dry curry works best here and get’s dry faster when cooked.  I usually make sandwich in my sandwich maker but for blog post had to toast the bread in tawa so you can see the step vise pictures.  If you want just spread chutney, curry over bread and toast in your sandwich maker. 

Ingredients for Eggplant Curry Sandwich [Serves 2]

Eggplant Tomato Curry – 1 Cup
Bread Slice – 4 [ I used white bread]
Green Chutney – 2-3 tbsp


1. Heat a wok/pan and add leftover eggplant tomato curry, cook in medium flame until it becomes dry and mash eggplant pieces with back of ladle, stir in intervals. 

2. Heat a pan/tawa and toast bread pieces both side.

3. To Assemble, apply green chutney on one side of bread and then spread generous amount of curry, top it up with another pieces of toasted bread, cut and serve.

That’s all our super easy and delicious sandwich is ready in less than 10 minutes.  Have it with tea/coffee for a filling and yummy breakfast or evening snack.

Variations ~
~ You can use brown or multi-grain bread
~ Spread butter before chutney if preferred.

Have a nice day ~~