Drumstick Leaves Adai Dosa | Murungai Keerai Adai Recipe

Drumstick Leaves Adai Dosa or Murungai Keerai Adai is easy, healthy adai recipe for breakfast or dinner.  Drumstick leaves adds protein to this multi-grain adai make it more healthy, delicious and it doesn't taste bitter at all if you think that it would.  If you look for filling and healthy breakfast, dinner option then this adai is answer for you.

Tomato Rasam | Thakkali Rasam | Easy Rasam Recipes

Tomato Rasam or Thakkali rasam (saaru) is easy and simple rasam recipe made with tomato, little of tamarind and spices. Tomato rasam goes well with rice normally pair along poriyal (stirfry) some pappad or fryums it makes a complete meal on any day and also good for lunch box recipes. There are many ways of making tomato rasam and this is one of the easy method with little of tamarind and no lentil or dal is used. If you wish you can skip tamarind totally in that case try to use sour tomatoes.

Homemade Masala Tea (Chai) Powder Recipe

Chai Masala or Masala Tea Powder is essential part of my pantry, chai or Indian tea is common beverage for us and we start our daily routine with a cup of masala, ginger, cardamom or ginger-cardamom chai/tea. I never make plain tea that's just not me and it's same habit in my parents and in-laws place too normally I make fresh ginger tea or some time I use ginger powder, if not this masala tea powder. The ease with masala tea powder is if we don't have fresh ginger at home then it comes very handy to have masala chai (tea) instead, make once and it will last for a long time.

Sweet Potato Paratha | Shakarkandi Paratha | Indian Bread Recipes

Sweet Potato Paratha or Shakarkand (shakarkandi) paratha is easy and quick paratha made with mashed sweet potato and wheat flour. There are 2 ways of making this paratha one is doing the stuffing and another is this easy method of mixing everything together and then make paratha, a good option during week days. Sweet potato paratha is good option for kids to make their normal paratha more nutritious and also it taste little sweet so they will like it too.

Bakheer | Gur Chawal Kheer | Kheer Recipes

Bakheer or Gur (Gud) Chawal ki Kheer is traditional Uttar Pradesh kheer recipe made during Ramnavami, Dussehra along with Dal Poori. Bakheer made with rice, jaggery and milk, using dark brown jaggery is good in this recipe which brings the brown color in kheer if you are using white or normal jaggery then the kheer will be in dull white color but the taste is almost same whatever jaggery we use.