Spinach Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

his is one of the most simple recipe, nothing much to do ;)..I got this spinach spaghetti and made with tomato sauce. As you can see in the picture below these spaghetti are thicker than normal ones and takes more time to cook. So make sure the spaghetti is cooked properly before you drain the water.

Serving: For 2


Spinach Spaghetti - 100 gms appr.
Tomato Sauce - 100 gms appr.
Olive Oil - 1 tbs
Garlich - 2-3 pods chopped
Onion - 1 sliced
Italian herbs - 1 tbs
Fresh black pepper - 1/2 tps (crushed)
Salt - to taste
Water - to cook spaghetti


I was tired after a long day and made this in a jiffy, just boil the spaghetti in water with 1 tps of oil and little salt. Once spaghetti is cooked strain the water and run the cooker spaghetti under tap water for a min or two.

In a pan heat 1 to 2 tps of olive oil, add chopped garlic (2-3 pods) and saute for a min. Now add 1 sliced onion and saute until golden brown. At this stage add any steam or boiled veggie/chicken [I didn't added anything].

Add 1/2 cup or appr. 100gms of tomato sauce, 1tps of Italian herbts, 1/2 tps of crused pepper, salt to taste and cook for 4-5 mins.

Server spaghetti with tomato sauce, top it up with some cheese if you wish.

And this goes to Neha's FIC - Red and Green , event started by Sunshinemom of Tongue Ticklers

Festive Food : Summer Splash

Festive Food : Summer treat

Festive Food is back with Summer Treat.  I thought of having this event just to remind ourselves again how much we love summer! (exclude the hot sun please).  When we were kids we sure did loved summer and use to wait for summer holiday...isn't that use to be fun guys? Visiting relatives, new city, new place; able to enjoy yummy mangoes.  The unbeatable process of making pickle, drying papad, chips, vathal and how can we forget the Rasana....summer means we need to prepare the I love you rasana too ....special DD summer programs...don't we miss all that!

Now this is all the event about, cook any recipe which is a must at your place (relatives, parents, in-laws or friends) during or for summer.  It can be anything as long as summer is associate with that.  You can write your lovely summer memories to share with us too.

Guidelines for Celebrating Festive Food: Summer Treat

1.Prepare a dish, which specially for summer.

2. The last date for sending your entry is 31st May 2009.

3. Bloggers
please add a link back to this event announcement, you can include Logo
too. There are no restrictions on the number of entries.

4. Send in your entries at Indian.festivefood@gmail.com with below mentioned information with subject FF: Summer Treat.

* Name:

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*Picture: Please attach the picture(s)

Non Bloggers no need to get upset, email your recipe along with the
picture. We will post it on your name and include it in the round up.

6. Old post are accepted, provided they are republished by linking back this event announcement along with the log

Let's enjoy this summer....

Leftover Magic

ello Dear All,

How you guys doing? Ya, it's same reason again this time of my disappearance: Busy with Work, along with my laziness! Well, whatever it is am here back again and this time with something which is interesting...using leftover food to make new dishes and try not to let the food rot in dustbin. Here is few of my tricks and tips which any of you might find it useful.

So lets start the magic....

Do you guys remember my beet and cabbage series , one of item was Beets and Cabbage Soup. So what to do with leftover Soup ?? Here is the tip, pour the soup in ice trays and freeze it for further use. Whenever required, heat the soup cubes and enjoy once again.

OR heat the soup cubes, mix in wheat flour and make parata/roti .....I did both of these and it taste just as good as it tasted first time.

I know this is rare but if we have some leftover Palak Paneer (more of palak gravy), then the options are add some more paneer and reheat and use it back as palak paneer OR reheat and use it as just palak saag with roti or rice OR do as I did, knead leftover palak gravy with flour and make palak parata or puri .....

And what to do with leftover Rice....one thing I always make with left over rice is Chawal ki Roti and some time Chawal ka Gatta too.

If you are in mood of making Chana Masala or Chole , boiled chickpea and having excess boiled water,. then:

1. I always use the bolied water in chana masala
2. If not again store the boiled water in ice tray and freeze it for future use like using back in any curry OR use it as vegetable stock OR heat the cubes and use while kneading flour instead of using water.

So that's all for now until I come up with some more recyle ideas :)....


eed a breakfast or snack at jiffy? Well the answer can be Poha?? [this doesn't include so vegetable poha, if needs to cut many veggies ;) ] yummy Poha was introduced to me by one of my Gujju classmate..most of the time her lunchbox will be Poha...but at our place my mom never made this so call Poha or shall we call it Aval Upma? She always made chidwa ....so I fine day I thought of making Poha myself since I liked it very much but it was not exactly as my friend's lunchbox...never mind along the way I tried here and there and never got the perfect poha..until my DH made for me one fine day (not DH those days)...I tried same procedure as his but still no luck....so whenever I want to eat poha ...you know whom I'll look for :p....until last Sat'day; first time I tried to make Poha after our marriage!! Well, he was rushing for his class and I felt so bad to let him go on empty stomach (so kind of me isn't it?) and I gather all my courage to try Poha and boy it was so damn good ...I couldn't believe my luck more...just the perfect poha ..okie let me not get in to this & came back to the recipe.

So here presenting Poha ...


Beaten Rice/Poha/Chidwa/Aval - 1 cup
Onion - 1 medium
Green chili - 3-4
Potato - 1 medium [optional]
Peanuts - few (around 1tbs)
Coriander leaves - handful
Curry leaves - few
Mustard Seeds - 1/2 tps
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tps
Salt - to taste
Oil - 2 tbs


1. Wash beaten rice/poha in running water for a min or 2 (depending on how thick is the poha), just make sure it doesn't get so much soak or mashed. Drain all the water as possible and keep aside.

2. Slice the onion, chills, cut potato in thin slices and chop the coriander leaves.

3. In a pan heat oil, add mustard seeds (I just cumin as I don't have mustard seeds till) once splutter, add onion, green chili, curry leaves, peanuts and saute for 2 mins or until onion turns golden brown. Add potato, turmeric powder and fry until potato gets cooked. [ you can add peas, carrot, beans or any other veggie too]

4. Include salt and poha mix everything well. Cook for another 2 mins and garnish with coriander leaves.

And serve ..:)

This Kids friendly (also mom's friendly ;) ) Poha goes to Trupti's Cooking for kids : Rice Event started by Sharmi of Neivedyam