Gongura Prawns | Gongura Royyalu Recipe

Gongura Prawns Gongura Royyalu RecipeGongura and avakai is most popular recipes of Andhra and it's difficult to find any one in Andhra whom doesn't like both of these, in gongura (sorrel leaves) it's pachadi (chutney) and gongura royyalu is very famous apart from the other dishes.  I don't buy gongura much but whenever I do it's goes to pachadi or as this gongura prawn a recipe I follow my sister's mom-in-law recipe which never fails simple ingredients makes this curry delicious a perfect combination with steamed rice.

Avakaya | Andhra Mango Pickle Recipe

Avakaya Andhra Mango Pickle Recipe I love pickles and can totally survive on pickles if given a choice. Avakaya or Andhra mango pickle is one of my favorite pickle along with Rajasthani mango pickle I simply love both.  Avakai+ghee+steamed rice is just heaven for me and I can eat that every day.  My BIL used to mix rice, ghee and avakai together and distribute among all and we used to fight who will get more mango pieces.

Sukhe Aloo Badi (Wadi) Sabzi

Sukke Aloo Wadi Sabzi recipeAloo Badi is something I do when I ran out of veggies I always have different variety of badi/wadi stock up thanks to my in-laws specially my sister-in-laws whom never forget to make my portion and keep aside.  As I mentioned in my how to make badi (wadi) post these wadiyan it's from one of aunt famous for her beautiful badi.  One can add wadi in any vegetable of choice and the most common and famous combo is classic potato and wadi or potato, eggplant and badi.  

Jaljeera Drink Recipe | Summer Drinks Recipe

Jaljeera Drink Recipe
Jaljeera is popular North Indian drink and almost every makes this specially during summer because of it's cooling effect. It's also used as a appetizer drink mostly in restaurant as it's has digestive properties, in typical North Indian thali meal mostly we can see jaljeera as welcome drink (appetizer).  Jaljeera is also popularly knows as Pani puri pani, ya the pani used is pani puri is nothing but jal jeera.

Carrot And Ginger Soup Recipe

Carrot And Ginger Soup RecipeSoup is comfort food for me and I mostly make this when someone is not feeling well simply cause nothing is more comfort than having a hot, spicy, creamy soup do you agree?  Since we are falling sick one after another I rely mostly on soup as it's also very easy to prepare.  DH likes tomato soup any day so for him mostly I make that or I do some time Pappa Al Pomodoro aka tomato bread soup to have as dinner, this carrot and ginger soup I made as lunch to have it with bread toast last week.  

Bharwa Bhindi | Gujarati Bhinda Sambhariya | Okra Recipes

Gujurati Sambhariya Bhindi RecipeBharwa Bhindi means mostly is stuffing with chickpeas flour/besan but here in Gujurati Sambhariya Bhindi stuffing is made of coconut, peanuts and spices. It's a great change from usual okra recipes or even from stuffing okra, a very good combination with paratha/roti or even with rice.  It can be done in jiffy other than the okra cutting and stuffing part.  For this sambhariya recipe try to use fresh tender small lady's fingers if not use tender long ones and cut in half for stuffing.  

Andhra Chicken Pickle Recipe

Andhra Chicken Pickle RecipeChicken pickle is popular Andhra pickle recipe along with mutton, prawn pickles etc. I didn't use to eat chicken pickle for long time but recently I tried and love it.  It's good change from usual chicken curry or any other chicken recipes.   I don't know why it never occurred to me to post this pickle recipe or even prawn pickle for matter though I have ample of access to these yummy pickles.

Mango Kulfi Recipe | Mango Recipes

Mango Kulfi Recipe
Mango Kulfi I guess there are hardly any one whom doesn't like it. Kulfi or khulfi is popular diary Indian Dessert.  Kulfi is known as Indian ice cream, it looks and taste similar to ice cream too only it's dense and creamier and popular kulfi flavors are malai, mango, cardamom, saffron and pista.  I followed here traditional way of making kulfi i.e evaporating milk by slow cooking.  You can directly add evaporated milk to reduce cooking time too.

Tamatar Dhaniya Ki Chutney | Tomato Cilantro Chutney Recipe

Tamatar Dhaniya Chutney Tomato Cilantro ChutneyTamatar Dhaniye ki chutney aka tomato and green coriander leaves chutney is one recipe that I wanted to post for ages.  This chutney recipe I learnt from  my in-laws and it's one of most popular chutney, for any dish side chutney has to be this  one as in North India coconut or onion chutney is almost doesn't has existence and most important thing chutney is used as a side along with meal or with pakoas, bajjiya, chawal roti, farra etc the typical North Indian affair.  Of course now a days people try all sort of things but in villages these rules still holds high.

Raw Mango Rice | Mangai Sadam | Mango Recipes

Mango Rice Mangai Sadam RecipeMango Rice or manga sadam is popular rice recipe from Tamil Nadu made of raw mango, cooked rice, little nuts and lightly spiced, a perfect blend of ingredients to make this delicious yet very easy rice variety. Mango rice is also a very good lunch box option as it can be done in jiffy and if we have leftover rice then it's a breeze, speaking of that a great way to use leftover rice is making mango rice or any other variety rice

Urad Dal Badi | Wadi | Wadiyan | Sun Dried Lentil Dumpling Recipe

Urad Dal Badi Wadi Wadiyan Recipe
Wadi, wadiyan, vadiyal, vadiyalu or badi as we call it it's all same just with different names.  We call vada as bada and wadi as badi both are made of urad dal.  Wadi or Badi is nothing but soaked lentil grind to slight coarse paste and some time with spices then sun dried.  Wadi/badi pair along with any other vegetable makes a delicious curry we just have to fry wadi/badi in oil and use it like any other veggie.  The texture is more like meat though the taste is not exactly like meat and it's also high source of protein.  Vegan and gluten-free these badi/wadi are treat to eat and it's a great resource to have when we don't have much veggie in hand.  The popular combination is of badi/wadiya and potato.

Mango Lassi | Summer Drinks Recipes

Mango Lassi Summer Drinks Recipe
As I mentioned in my Punjabi Lassi post lassi is most popular and filling drink during summer and for me any time of the year it's works.  Mango lassi is all time favorite whenever I go to Indian restaurant and if they serve mango lassi then without second thought the order goes to that but then the pity is we always don't get good mango lassi everywhere, some places sell such bad mango lassi that you would stop drinking it once for all but then these small hurdles doesn't effects me I still explore and try mango lassi and only avoid the places I know it's bad not good.  Thick, creamy lassi with full of mango flavors are to die for and a good mango lassi can be so satisfying.  

Paneer Kanda Poha Recipe

Paneer Kanda Poha Recipe
Poha is regular breakfast at my place some times I make it every day so I do lot of experiment with poha and this paneer poha is one such trial, I have no idea if there is any authentic paneer poha recipe but this is my version and it's good.  Now I make this paneer poha regularly it works great as a breakfast or snack specially if having guest at home then it's kinda different from regular kanda or batata poha.

Katte Masoor Dal | Dal Recipes

Katte Masoor Dal RecipeI have already posted masoor dal recipe and this katte masoor dal is almost same. This recipe is from Chhattisgarh ie from my in-law's place and a very popular recipe.  Dahi/yogurt is mixed with masoor dal to make it more flavorful, tasty, and tangy.  In North curd is used to make any dish a little tangy than tamarind.  Best thing about this dal is we don't require a side dish just this dal and rice or roti makes a full meal but as I said earlier if am making this during weekend then I try to do a simple sabzi along in this case I made Cabbage and Peas stirfry.  

Guest Post - Potato Peas Pulao Recipe

Potato Peas Pulao Recipe
This is my first guest post, I had few request but somehow I hardly manage to do a guest post, managing my blog along with work itself takes a toll on me plus the tension on what to do as a guest post is big worry for me than actually cooking or clicking, the expectations kills you see, but as I always say there's always first time for everything and so it has to be guest post by me and it happened to be for Veena from Great Secret of Life, a blog featuring wide range of recipes.

Dry Aloo 65 | Potato 65 | Indo-Chinese Recipes

Dry Aloo Potato 65 Recipe
Aloo (potato 65) or also known as Chilli Potato is another Indo-Chinese specialty popular in North India whatever I have seen.  Boiled potato mix with spices, flour and deep fried to perfection, a delight to have as a snack or starter.  Though for me I prefer Gobi 65 over aloo 65 cause there are other things I like to do with potato like tikki than making aloo 65, nevertheless I made these beauties some time back and took pictures in real hurry before it start to disappear.   Aloo 65 is a very simple and easy snack and if you have boiled potato in hand then it can be done in jiffy, a good change from usual pakodas.

Sweet Lassi | Punjabi Lassi Recipe

Punjabi Sweet Lassi Recipe
One of the most popular and easy drink during summer is lassi, thick creamy lassi served in tall steel or brass glass it's a treat to have just any day.  Though I make salt lassi more than sweet version but once in a while we indulge in sweet creamy thick lassi.  I always like the traditional way of lassi thick and that's why I don't add ice cubes or else ice cubes dilute the lassi and makes it watery, a total no-no for me. 

Malvani Fish Curry Recipe

Malvani Fish Curry Recipe
Remember my Malvani Masala? That masala I made to prepare this malvani fish curry on a fine Sunday.  As I mention in malvani masala post, west coast of Maharashtra in konkoni, malvani cuisine is infused from Konkani, Maharastrian and Goan cuisines that's why you can see amount of coconut used in this recipe is high at least to my standards, plus kokum is used to make the curry tangy instead of tomatoes.  This fish curry recipe looks more like a South Indian Style fish curry but it's doesn't taste like that due do the use of spices.

Cucumber Lemonade | Summer Drinks Recipes

Cucumber Lemonade Recipe
We all make normal lemonade but ever thought of adding cucumber to it? If no then try it now, the drink is so refreshing that if you try once you will be hooked to it.  I drink this glass after glass in hot summer days and relish it, though I always don't add sugar, some times I just add salt and enjoy it more so option is yours enjoy both sweet and salt version of this drink.  As any drink we make variations in this one too add honey if you prefer, add basil or mint leaves for that extra flavor.