Dahiwale Aloo Hara Baingan Gobi Ki Sabzi | Potato Eggplant Cauliflower Curry Recipe

Potato Green Eggplant (brinjal) Cauliflower Curry or Khatta aloo, hara baingan gobi sabzi is sweet, sour and spicy curry made with medley of vegetables and yogurt. This is Chhattisgarhi specialty which I learnt from at my in-law's place, normally green eggplant or brinjal is cooked with yogurt as purple brinjal and green brinjal taste differs and to make it more delicious green eggplant is always cooked with something sour curd or butter milk.

Beetroot Pulao Recipe | Beetroot Pulav | Lunch Box Recpes

Beetroot Pulao or beetroot rice also we can call this is easy one pot meal which can make in jiffy and also do lot of variations with it. Beetroot pulao makes excellent lunch box recipe or even perfect comfort meal for weekend. Whether you like beetroot or not you will like this recipe as it's slightly sweet, spicy and flavorful with all the garam masala we used. We can also use coconut milk for extra flavors.

Vegan Seviyan Kheer | Vegan Semiya Payasam | Vermicelli Kheer

Vegan Seviyan (vermicelli) Kheer or Semiya Payasam is made with vermicelli and almond milk instead of regular diary milk. We can also make this with coconut milk or cashew-nut milk too for vegan version. Almond flavors in sevai makes it very delicious and light, vegan seviyan taste similar to diary milk seviyan just with almond hint and I am getting hooked to this vegan version now as it's very easy with minimal ingredients and quick to prepare.

Grilled Paneer Sanwich | Paneer Sandwich Recipe | Easy Breakfast Recipes

Grilled Paneer Sandwich or paneer sandwich is easy sandwich recipe with paneer stuffing and grilled. This paneer sandwich is very filling making it perfect for breakfast, snack or kids lunch/snack box too. We can have lot of variations with paneer stuffing and here it made it in most simple way with just onions and spices. We can add any spice to suit our needs and customize this sandwich further. I have used whole meal bread here and we can use white, multi grain, brown or any other bread of choice too.

Plain Paratha | How to make Triangle Paratha | Paratha Recipe

Plain Paratha or plain triangle paratha is most popular and common paratha in North India made very frequently at least in parent's and in-law home this is the story. If not roti then it will be plain paratha or ajwain paratha, and as plain paratha get's pair along any side dish whether it's veg or non-veg and also you can serve with pickle or even tea if in hurry it's USP of these plain paratha. We can make plain parathas in any shape like round, triangle or square.

Mango Halwa | Mango Sheera | Mango Sooji Halwa (Kesari) Recipe

Mango Halwa, Mango Sheera or kesari is sooji (semolina) mango halwa is delicious halwa with addition of mango purée which takes humble sooji halwa to all new level. Adding fruits to normal sooji halwa is always great idea like I have already posted beetroot Sooji Halwa, Apple Sooji Halwa and using mango in halwa is no exception at all, I wanted to post this delicious mango sheera for very long time but it was not happening we always too busy to finish off hot mango halwa to take any pictures :)

Oats Tikki | Oats Cutlet Recipe | Oats Recipes

Oats Tikki or oats cutlet is easy and healthy snack made with oats, potato and spices. This is healthy snack for kids, adults and specially for Iftar now during Ramazan too as it's very filling. I make oats mostly for breakfast or as quick lunch for myself, this cutlet I made few times before with slight different variations but this is one recipe that I like the most and I make this specially for guests if want to serve something healthy and different.

Paneer Pulao Recipe | Paneer Matar Pulao | Easy Pulao Recipe

Paneer Pulao is one of best and delicious paneer+rice recipe and here I made in easy one pot meal in pressure cooker which is quick yet delicious. If you like Paneer then paneer pulao is no exception, pair along raita or any side dish of choice this paneer pulao can make any meal fancy and grand even just served along raita this can be satisfying meal provided you like paneer. This is my 650th post and am so glad to share the recipe that I love on this occasion :)

Potato Sesame Toast | Aloo Masala Til Toast Recipe | Easy Breakfast Recipes

Potato Sesame Toast or potato masala sesame toast (aloo til toast) is delicious open toast with spiced mashed potato and topped up with sesame seeds. This is one of tasty, filling and easy toast recipe perfect for breakfast, snack or lunch box, snack box for kids. Making this potato sesame toast can be real jiffy if we have boiled potato in hand so if you plan to make this for toast for breakfast or snack boil the potato before hand to ease cooking time.

Mixed Vegetable Kurma (Korma) without Coconut | Hotel Style Veg Kurma

Vegetable Kurma or Vegetable Korma, hotel style mixed vegetable kurma in pressure cooker is creamy, aromatic, popular South Indian spiced curry or side dish with parotta, poori chapathi or even with idli, dosa, idiyapaam, appam, variety rice it gets pair along so well. This kurma is hotel style kurma only difference is I didn't used coconut in this version so if you don't have coconut stock and still want to make some kurma now you know what to do.

Vegan Figs Milkshake | Anjeer Badam Milkshake Recipe

Vegan Figs (Anjeer) Milkshake or Anjeer milkshake with almond milk is easy, delicious milkshake recipe. We can also make figs (anjeer) milkshake with diary milk but if you want vegan drink or want to try something different then try this figs milkshake with almond milk or even try it with coconut milk. I have used dried figs if you can find fresh figs then do use that, after all what's better than fresh products.

Egg Sothi (Sodhi) Recipe | Egg Coconut Milk Curry Recipe

Sothi Curry, Sodhi Kuzhambu or yellow coconut curry as it's known as popular coconut milk curry mostly served with iddiyapam or steamed rice. Sothi is Sri Lankan dish but it's also popular in South India specially in Tamilnadu and Kerala. Sothi is made with coconut milk and very midly spiced which makes it perfect for kids or for people whom doesn't like spicy food. Like all recipes sothi also made in few different ways and today am presenting egg or muttai sothi.

Suhoor, Iftaar Recipes for Ramadan | Ramadan Recipes

Suhoor and Iftar Recipes for Ramadan
Suhoor (Sehri) and Iftaar Recipes for Ramadan - Holy month of Ramadan is here, I am listing few recipes which can be useful to plan the menu ahead for Sehri (Suhoor) or Iftar so you don't spend more time on planning menu but rather focus on Ibadaat or Prayers and Reciting of Holy Quran.

During Ramadan fasting having a balanced meal is important, plan your menu with a light starters/soup and less oily food few days if not possible in all days.