Vegetables Semiya Upma | Vermicelli Upma Recipe | Easy Breakfast Recipes

Vegetables Semiya Upma or Vermicelli Upma is popular South Indian breakfast recipe and almost all love semiya upma and adding vegetables only makes it more delicious and healthy. Semiya, Sevia, Seviya, Sevai, Shavige upma/uppittu whatever we may call it this is one of those recipe that we can have as breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or even it suits perfectly for lunch box.

30 Drinks (Beverage) Recipes for Ramadan | Ramadan Recipes

Holy Month of Ramadan for 2014 is starting today and I am presenting 30 refreshing beverage recipes including juice, milkshake, lemonade, lassi, smoothie and iced tea to choose for your Iftaar. Spend more time on Ibaat and less time on your menu planning so this year I am bringing various recipes collection and drinks plays a important during Ramadan to keep self hydrated, try to include juice, lemonade, milkshake etc which doesn't only make us feel refreshed but also helps to hydrate.

30 Snacks Appetizers Recipes for Ramadan | Ramadan Recipes

Holy Month of Ramadan is started and I am sharing 45 appetizing snacks recipes which includes low fat non-fried tikki, cutlets, sundals, some fried goodies of pakoda, few filling chaat recipes and these chaats are very filling makes the meal by itself, Indo-Chinese recipe variety plus few chicken snacks, I have very less non-veg starter or snacks recipe so including whatever I have with me for now. But choose for below wide variety of snacks or appetizer for your Iftaar.

Vegan Mango Milkshake | Mango Almond Milkshake Recipe

Vegan Mango Milkshake or Mango milkshake with almond milk is easy, delicious milkshake recipe and the almond milk takes this super easy milkshake to all new level. This vegan mango milkshake is more light and refreshing than diary mango milkshake, mango with almond it's wonderful combo and there is no overpowering almond flavor in this milkshake, mango still is the king here.

Paneer Kulcha Recipe | Restaurant Style Paneer Kulcha | Indian Bread Recipes

Paneer Kulcha restaurant style or Paneer Onion Kulcha on stove top without yeast is stuffed kulcha with paneer and it's very easy to prepare, like I have mention in my kulcha post making kulcha at home is so easy, I know lot of people think it's complicated process and I used to think that too until I tired it. Paneer kulcha is one level up from normal kulcha here we stuff the kulcha with paneer filling and the filling itself is very simple and easy to prepare.

Homemade Almond Milk | How to make Almond Milk

Homemade Almond Milk or how to make almond milk from scratch is easy way to make almond milk at home with step by step pictures and it's also less expensive compare to buying it. Making almond milk is very easy and similar to making coconut milk. This almond milk can be made with peeled almonds or unpeeled almonds too it's our choice. Normally I don't peel almonds and just blend blanched almonds but this time I peel the almonds, so you can do either way you prefer.

Mixed Vegetables Dal Recipe | Subzi Dal | Dal Recipes

Mixed Vegetables dal or vegetables mixed dal or subzi dal is easy dal made with lots of dals and vegetables variety. This dal recipe is very good if someone in your family doesn't like any party dal or beans and vegetable. Everything get's cooked and mashed that it's difficult for any one to point the ingredient that they don't eat or like. This dal is protein rich by using variety of legumes and vegetables provides other essential vitamins.

35 Sweets, Desserts Recipes for Ramadan | Ramadan Recipes

Sweets and Desserts collection recipes for Ramadan, 2014 Ramadan fasting starting in less than a week now and most of the people observing fast must be busy with all the preparation so here is collection of halwa, kheer, mithai and desserts at one place so you can pick and decide what you recipes want to cook for your Ramadan Iftar dinner or Iftaar party or even for Eid get-together and party. There is also few sugar-free, fat-free recipes which I have included so even for Iftar food you can make these kind of sweets and relish it.

Salted Cucumber Lassi | Namkeen Kheera Lassi Recipe

Salted Cucumber Lassi or namkeen kheera (kakdi) lassi is easy, quick lassi recipe with addition of cucumber, mint leaves, coriander leaves (cilantro) and ginger to take humble lassi to all new level. If you like lassi then you will love this one too, salted lassi is good option over sweet version of course we would all agree that and top of that cucumber goodness is just wonderful in this super delicious lassi.

Arbi (Colocassia) Cutlets Recipe | Easy Snacks Recipes

Arbi Cutlet or Colocassia (Seppankizhangu) Cutlets/tikki/patties whatever we like to call it is easy, delicious and different cutlet recipe made with minimal ingredients and simple spices. If you want to cook arbi or taro in different way then this cutlets are for you, I normally make pumpkin taro curry, or dahi wale arbi and the cutlets are mostly reserved for navratri fasting period but this time I made these cutlet in little different way.

Sprouts Fried Rice Recipe | Easy Lunch Box Recipes

Sprouts Fried Rice or Moong dal sprouts fried rice is easy, filling, healthy and delicious fried rice recipe. The best thing about this fried rice is we don't need any side dish or even sauce along with this fried rice, try just as it is and there are high changes you will love it. I like this sprouts fried rice without any sauce or ketchup, crunchy sprouts adds good texture and taste to this recipe.

Mango Iced Tea Recipe | How to Make Mango Iced Tea

Mango Iced Tea, yes it's mango iced lemon tea great way to bear summer. Iced tea with goodness of mango and touch of lemon makes this tea very refreshing and perfect sip during any time of day during specially during these hot days. If you like mango and tea then you should try this and you will love this easy mango iced tea too, specially for people whom can't give up tea even during summer it's great way to enjoy tea and that's what I am doing most of the afternoon, late evening I serve normal hot tea.

12 Easy Soup Recipes for Ramadan | Ramadan Recipes

10 filling and nutritious Soup recipes to try during Ramadan. It's now just 2 weeks to start holy month of Ramadan from 29th June 2014 here, in India Ramadan will mostly start from 29th June 2014 as always it's gets behind by a day. Last year I posted collection of recipes for Ramadan and it was a huge list to include everything, then itself I decided that next year I will do this in segments as it's faster to load and easy to access and more over as one of my friend was teasing last year Ramadan collection was like a mini recipe index :)

Savory French Toast Recipe | French Toast Recipe | Easy Breakfast Recipes

Savory French Toast or savoury bombay toast as it's also known as it's easy and quick breakfast or snack recipe. If you like sweet french toast then you will like this savory version too, I had few requests to post savory version of french toast bread after I posted Sweet French Toast and I wanted to post this for long time and finally this is happening. You can also call this egg toast or even bread omelette :)

Mango Milkshake | Mango Milkshake Recipe | Mango Recipes

Mango Milkshake is easy, delicious made with few ingredients it's a must milkshake during mango season at our home. As I mentioned in my mango juice post I am making mostly mango juice, this milkshake, lassi or eating mango just as fruit rather doing anything else during these hot days. Like most of the milkshake this mango milkshake is also very easy and quick to prepare and it can serve as a drink or even as quick snack or breakfast.

Sem phalli Aloo Vadi Sabzi | Broad Beans Potato Badi Curry

Sem ki phalli, aloo aur vadi ki sabzi or broad beans, potato wadi (badi) curry is Chhattisgarhi style curry popular in my in-law place where sem phalli or broad beans (Chikkudukaya/avarakkai) is one of the favorite vegetable. My Mil does amazing gardening and we have semi plants unfortunately whenever it's broad beans season I am not there to relish home grown, organic semi :(. Semi or avarakkai is delicious vegetable cooked in any way.

Beetroot Cutlet | Beetroot Tikki (Patties) | Easy Snacks Recipes

Beetroot cutlet or beetroot tikki, beetroot patties is easy, delicious, healthy and colorful snack for tea time or for kids lunch/snack box. We can also serve this as starter or finger food during party or get-together. I wanted to post beetroot cutlets for very long time but I was not able to take pictures whenever I made this until this time it happened finally and sharing this beautiful, perfectly spiced beetroot tikki with you all.

Masala Urad Dal Wadi | Badi | Vadi | Wadiyan | Masala Badi Recipe

Masala Urad Dal Wadi or badi as we call it is also known as wadiyan, vadiyal, vadiyalu. Wadi is summer essential in most of the North Indian house and prepared with different dals, spices with basic concept of grinding dal, spices and sun drying remains same over generations now. Once wadiyan is done it's a bliss for year along to make aloo badi sabzi or add vadi with any curry it makes the curry extra delicious.

Kachchaa Kela Kofta Curry | Raw Banana Kofta Curry Recipe

Kachche Kela Kofta Curry or Kele Ke Kofte, raw banana kofta curry is one of popular Kofta curry made with plantain fried dumplings or kofta served with flavorful sauce. Kofta is something that generally made during special celebration, festival or occasion as it's sure little time consuming compare to other routine side dish as we have to prepare kofta, fry it and also making the gravy but the end result is always worth it.